The influence of music to the influence of books

The influence of music to the influence of books
There is a saying that: “Books form our mind, and music forms our soul”.

It can be said that books and music as an integral part of human life have a great influence on personality, but from different aspects. That’s impossible to strictly compare or contrast the role of books and music in our life, but nevertheless we can make certain assumptions about their influence and place in modern life.

"All the good I is from books" – said Maxim Gorky, and I could not agree more, as since ancient times and till nowadays people got their knowledge about everything only from books. Literature helps to develop mind, forces to think. Even a famous saying "I think - therefore I am" can be transformed into "I read books – therefore I think - therefore I am".

Indeed, time has very serious impact on the books. Previously, all the knowledge we received through books, as there was no Internet, people spent time reading a book because there were no computers and cable television. Now the books began to disappear from our homes, out of our lives. The conclusion from this, in my opinion, is very simple: man's relation to the book has changed, now in first position we have other aspects of life. And it is obviously that nowadays the influence of books is not as great at the mass media and music. And probably, could that mean that people do not want to read and so to think?

The other thing is with music and its position in people’s lives. The impact of music is happening at the deepest layers of emotions, the soul is incomparably more complex and stronger than other arts. According to scientists the music is a special kind of knowledge - emotional knowledge, it makes all the external influences in the experience and emotional experience, without which a person can not live. So here we can say that “I listen to music – therefore I feel” and even “I listen to music – therefore I feel- therefore I am”.

The conclusion is that both music and books are important, and despite all the disputes on the role and influence of music and books, that always were and will be in people’s lives.

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