Animal Science

Animal Science
Nowadays land conservation is very important for so many reasons. Also many various animals and plants are threatened with the possibility of extinction, because, for example, many species have been shot to the verge of extinction. Our land, nature and the whole world around us need protection and careful attitude. Thus, in this essay I would like to summarize the role that animals play in land conservation.

It is necessary to mention that animal world, being part of the natural environment, acts as an integral link in the chain of ecological systems. It is a necessary component in the cycle of matter and energy of nature, actively influencing the functioning of natural communities, the structure and natural fertility of soils, the formation of vegetation, biological properties of water and the quality of the environment in general. Participating in the circulation of substances in the biosphere, animals play an important role in dynamic equilibrium.

A person greatly affects the animal world due own activity, causing an increase in numbers of some species, the reduction of others and the death of the third. Such extinction of animal world directly influence on land conservation, because animals couldn’t execute their direct role in land conservation. Animals, along with the bacteria are actively involved in the formation of soil, for instance. Earthworms, ants and other small animals are constantly bring into the soil organic substances, crush them and thus contribute to the creation of humus.

Thus, it is necessary to say for the conclusion that animals play important role in land conservation and in such a way protecting animals we also protect our land, plants and environment.


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