Marketing Mix and Related Budgetary Issues

Marketing Mix and Related Budgetary Issues
Introduction. General description of the Problem

This report concerns the rail and transport division of a long established construction consultancy company. The organization has been modernizing a train station for the last two years with a responsibility for planning, implementing and executing the works for the client. Marketing ourselves is a vital output from this organization as most new business is generated by customer recommendation and the reputation of the organizational brand. The modernizing of the train station in severely depending of the human factor, especially when the working time to the night hours. The work program is scheduled such that the physical site work is undertaken during the night shift (when trains are not running and the station is closed), whilst the administration of the project is managed during the day shift (generally normal office hours). The core problem for this project analysis would be staff organization and control dealing with one of the 7 P’s of the marketing mix. This problem was chosen due the fact that organizational time is shifted on the two periods daytime if for the managerial work and night hours for the physical site work. It goes without saying that the difference in the working hours had a severe impact and this report would reflect the analysis of the problem dealing with the human resource (people) and provide possible recommendations and solutions, which would make the task performance more effective.

Detailed Description of the Problem

It goes without saying that the problem of the standardization and work control is one of the most wide spread in the organizations with the shifted hours. Human Factor should be under severe attention of the managers all the time: “Regardless of whether someone is a channel intermediary, manager or member of staff, an individual has a crucial impact on the way in which the service is delivered and consequently how it is perceived and evaluated by the customer. So for the manager it is important to encourage everyone involved in the service process to ensure that the service delivered is the best it can be” (Chapter 7 The extended marketing mix for services, p. 102) It was previously told that the major technical works upon the reconstruction of the railway station are provided during the night time the same time the managerial department working schedule does not correspond the executives working time. It goes without saying that there are the leaders of the executives’ team, hence nothing could replace the controlling eye of a manager who developed a strategic plan of the task performance. The poor managerial organization, which happens due the shifted hours and inability of the managers to reach the staff during the working time and control the task performance raised significant problems such as missing of the deadline and additional expenses that were not included in the primary business plan. It goes without saying that the raised problem with the HR and managerial correlation is one of the most significant and needs quick resolution, as it prevents qualified work performance and rise severe doubts according the in-time fulfillment of the project. It goes without saying that the descried problem lies in the lack of coordination and standardization. Personally I support the idea that standardization would help to make the working process well organized and allow to capture employees’ everyday work

Analysis of the Set Problem

It goes without saying that the set problem with the people is mainly dealing with standardization and lack of coordination. It goes without saying that this point is very significant as it equally touches all the other points of the 7 P strategy: the core of them are the process, the product, physical environment and price. It won’t be a secret that the negative impact on these points of the strategy could even cause the failure of the project. Analyzing the current situation happening at the object and the possible solutions the managerial team came to the conclusion that a number of measures dealing with standardization and implementation of the newest techniques of the coordination and standardization are necessary to provide effective task performance of the situation happened. The employees task performance turned out to be a severe catastrophe for the whole project as it lacked managerial coordination, support and controlling eye. That is why only a complex of the problem solving measures could improve the current situation. It goes without saying that core idea is that the technical executors on the place need a strong leader, as effective could help to reach the desired organizational effects. But the same time managerial team should not forget about the difficulties he/she could meet: “However, providing effective leadership with the aim of delivering better quality services is not without its problems. All organizations are under pressure to cut costs, become more efficient and so forth. In particular, any manager attempting to improve service delivery may encounter difficulties connected with the changing nature of some service jobs and employee satisfaction, the practice of empowerment, and staff incentive schemes based on customer satisfaction” (Chapter 7 The extended marketing mix for services, p. 102). It goes without saying that strong leadership is not the solution of the problem and there were developed a complex of measures that would help to decrease the problem and fulfill the project in time. These measures could be effectively used in the future as preventive measures and avoiding such situation.

Conclusions from the Analysis

The current situation on the object is really complicated. Hence the managerial team and the technical execution team are ready to do their best in order to improve current situation. According to the held questionnaires the core problem lies in the time shift managerial and technical execution department perform. That is not actually surprising as employees need support, strong motivation and empowerment from the managerial department, which role is core significant in such projects: “Empowering employees entails sharing information about the organization, offering rewards based on the organization’s performance, and giving employees the power to make decisions. Empowering employees involved in service delivery offers benefits from a customer-service perspective” (Chapter 7 The extended marketing mix for services, p. 103). It goes without saying that lack of empowering and emotional intelligent leadership alongside with the coordination, which happened due the shifted hours. Now this coordination, alongside with the top methods of motivation should be used for reducing the after effects of the happened problem and fulfill the project according the set time. It goes without saying that the core significance in the changes would play the recommendations that include the solutions, which are aimed on improvement of the situation. Understanding the role of the motivation methods the managerial team focused on them and included several other ideas, that could be helpful in training and communication between the members of the technical execution team and managerial department. The following chapter would provide recommendations for the solutions of the set problem.
Recommendations and Possible Solutions for the Described Problem

For the recent years it has become very popular tendency to involve the members of the team to the decision making, expecting that their experience would influence the developmental characteristics and efficiency of the company. HR managers should be well aware that using the most popular tendency makes the company a successful competitor on the contemporary market. The role of manager as a supporter to the staff is very important; here are defined the ways manager can promote successful task performance: “They identified that a manager can achieve service quality through their employees by considering the following:

- workplace design – ensure that the place where employees deliver the service is a pleasant one
- job design – ensure that the job is designed to motivate employees
- employee selection and development – recruit only employees who complement your organization and match your customers’ needs
- employee rewards and recognition – reward and recognize good practice from your employees
- tools for serving customers – provide your employees with the means to serve and solve customers’ problems” (Chapter 7 The extended marketing mix for services, p. 102)

Setting performance objectives per employee is an important part of task management which allows achieving Strategic Goal by dividing it into a number of sub-goals. The team leader or manager must do some steps to set individual performance objectives (VIP Quality Software, Ltd, 2010). It is essential that task performance objectives strongly deal with work activity progress and individual development.

Before getting a reasonable position at the technical execution department team each employee goes through the procedure of dealing with his task performance objectives and working activities. Appointing and conducting a meeting with a candidate team leader describes what kind of job tasks and work activities he or she should deal, while working at the technical execution of any company or corporation. Each employee has a list of personally oriented responsibilities. Correlating with working activities, the politics of technical execution dpt. expects from the team members strong personal qualities and interpersonal qualities. Dealing with human factor during their work, every employee should develop interpersonal skills; promote decision making and problem solving working activities. Individual performance objectives are developed according to employee major functions and responsibilities with the help of managerial team and the leader: “As a manager you should offer effective leadership, which Zeithaml and Bitner (1996) summarize as:

- creating a service vision – tell, share and demonstrate the vision you have for how you want the service to be delivered
- synthesizing the vision – ensure that the way in which you communicate your vision is consistent
- clearly articulating the vision – make sure that you do not allow others to block or hinder your communication
- promoting commitment to the service vision – create and ensure opportunities to promote your service vision
- implementing the service vision – ensure that you actually implement the service vision” (Chapter 7 The extended marketing mix for services, p. 102)

Assessing wok activity progress team members could hardly avoid taking into account certain individual developmental objectives. As it was mentioned earlier, according to the interviewing and questionnaire, the majority of technical execution dpt. team members set as the most important developmental need “promoting personal and professional development”. It is essential that in our age of computer technologies, corresponding to the reasonable position at your department is very important meet the wishes of their employees to promote their professional and personal skills, as the members of technical execution dpt. team closely connect with outer environment, dealing with people that are not members of the company developing strategies for further promotions. HR specialists of the company should understand the necessity of involvement the newest technologies, suggesting the newest training and educating programs that deal with contemporary technologies of the technical execution science. According to the held poll, it was found out that some innovational forms of the educational programs do not meet individual developmental objective and task performance as it seen by the members of the team. Speaking in the later interviews, the members of the team noted that innovative ideas of distance learning and networking meeting divert them from the performing the set tasks and promoting working activities. Networking meeting, suggesting an ability of on-line, getting familiar to the newest technologies of intercontinental trainers the same time is very stressing for the workers and sometimes seriously influence work activities, which are dealing mainly with the human factor an depend on other people and meeting with them and ease communication between the technical executives and managers. Networking meeting with its international advantages the same time does not play a good advantage as being held on the workplace, often during some significant task performing, despite the plans of participant. The members of the team opinion should be also included as they got to implement the achieved knowledge in practice. The majority of workers still prefer classical conferences and training, because of their set structure and regulated time. They never mix with the working process, according to opinion of the team members and that is their core successful factor. According to the opinion of the team members working activities and developmental needs (such as conferences and training) should not be mixed in one. It seriously save time, but as it showed negatively influence working activities and task performing. It should be noted that such a structure could lessen corporate productivity and individual oriented strategy of the company in the negative way, as taking off from the work performance would need certain time to get back, collect thoughts and understand the received information. The same time it seriously influence the quality of such educational programs as people could not relax and understand what they really need perceiving information or thing about shifted working plan, task performance and working activity.

Providing investigative process and having individual oriented structure of the company the leaders took into account developmental needs and the data of research. Understanding that innovative technologies are becoming more and more popular the leaders decided to follow the raid invention program, in order to avoid stressful situation during the task performance and the working process. They also made a stress on the fact that the educative methods used for the many years, such as trainings and conferences, are still considered to be the most effective among the staff. One of the core ideas that such educational programs are still very popular is an ability to share personal experience with other individuals. Networking meeting, even with the use of video conference does not give the feeling of reality, and makes the process be less prepossessing, friendly and more closed. Communicating to the other specialists of the same level gives a number of positive emotions, new experiences and new solutions for the old problems, sharing expectations and perspectives (so called positive psychology). It is very important factor for the team building and further development. Promoting innovative educational programs there should be taken into account psychological attitude of the participants to the program. We live in quite difficult times, where old methods should be combined with the new ones. The innovative ideas in the training process should be undertaken rapidly as their main aim is raising efficiency of the department and that has a serious impact on the developmental process of the whole company.

In the end I would like to make several recommendations for those who seek for successful task performance and organization of effective working process. We should not also forget the fact that we are working with people and they need also certain psychological treatment and understanding. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs would play a good advantage for further development and making appropriate plans meeting the individual developmental needs, task performing and working activities together:

1. Physiological Needs
2. Safety Needs
3. Needs of Love, Affection and Belongingness
4. Needs for Esteem
5. Needs for Self-Actualization (Simons, Irwin and Drinnien; 1987)

It won’t be a secret that psychological aspect produces a serious impact on all the spheres of human life and personal and professional development in the company is not an exception


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