Business ethics

Business ethics
Business ethics monitors the ethical conduct of members of the company and other partners.With the help of business ethics achieved two important goals of the company: respect for the constitution and rules of the company by its members and partners, maintain control over them.

In this regard, the problem of business - ethics becoming more and more topical. In the developed world to apply it with great care. Because, without considering the ethical aspects of business, it is impossible to establish normal trade and economic relations between countries.

The basis of business - ethics are the moral norms. These standards are based on language, culture and tradition - country and people. Business - ethics also has a social basis, for example, it is more receptive to ethical standards and concepts (unwritten laws).

I think that Mr. Thomas’ actions constituted sexual harassment, because the place where he started conversation regarding the female body part that was a subject of a television program was not a topic of a job and was very private and intimate. It was wrong to start such conversation, because it was not the right topic and was out of the working environment. I think the termination of Mr. Thomas was justified because such behavior and such topics are prohibited and must not be used in the working environment. Many factors might have influenced the jury's decision, for example as 10 year experience of Mr. Thomas in the Corporation. The rights of employees and the atmosphere they work in can differ, and their decisions considering other employees behavior can be taken by manager. Employees can be terminated, as in the current case because of this incident and other alleged incidents of poor judgment. Every person can understand things differently, and the fact that was shown in an example shows the unpleasant situation that was interpreted by a woman in a certain way. This is her rule to judge the situation, as it was unpleasant and didn’t belong to the working questions. This was very personal and it was her right to act this way.

There are different business situations occur, and there should be limits in the discussion of the private topics, which can’t be discussed at work. There should be clear rules within the each company to be able to define ethics and legal issues, and to develop solutions for those issues.

Ethics in the workplace starts at the top of the leadership, if they are committed to their company and have values in organization, everything would be ethical. The top management defines the ethics within the company first of all. The concept of values includes those to whom society and every individual has their preference. In the full sense of the word, business - ethics is a set of rules and laws of business that are based on universally shared values. Social values include qualities such as conscience, correctness, respect, fairness, etc.

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