Financial Need Scholarship Essay

Financial Need Scholarship Essay
I was born in a family, where 3 children and I are luckily my parents could guide me in life and promoted my education. My father is a an engineer and now he is the one who maintained our family, as my mother is a housewife and devoted her life to me and my brothers upbringing. And who actually am I? Now I am a strong person who has a purpose in life. I have got wonderful opportunity to go to the United States to extend my knowledge at a tender age of seventeen. That is very important for me because, as I started my life and studies in Indonesia. It gave me the chance to make new acquaintances and cultural connections. I am looking forward to start a new chapter in my life in America. I hope to bring new experiences and ideas to Indonesia and be really skillful specialist, who can make a great contribution to the development of the country and its business. Moving to the USA, it was like a wakeup call to me, as it is very hard for international student to accommodate in another country. But it helped me a lot to make my own way - I am intended to get Bachelor in Business Finance at my University and after returning to my motherland I plan to pursue my career as a business woman there. So, the degree that I will earn will help me to gain study knowledge’s in Indonesia such as corporate financing, small business financing, Large business and small business partnership, Micro financing for the poor, infrastructure financing, examples like fund raising for road and bridge project, for water supply project, for power plant project etc under public sector or private sector.

It goes without saying that my study objective is closely connected to the Indonesia business improvement. I would really love to make a significant contribution in the development of my country and reach noticeable achievements in small business sectors and establish reliable partnership between large and small business. It won’t be a secret that life in the United States contributed a lot to my personal and professional development. It let me understand the purpose of my studies and form personal vision on the economical and financial development of my country. I have a strong intention to assist my country’s development and now I am focused on my education. My results could be illustrated by the GPA, I have at the University, by now it rates 3.89.

Speaking about my financial support, I would like to explain the core reason in seeking for financial scholarship. My main financial supporter is my father and as I have told before I am not the single child in the family and my mother is a housewife. So it turned out that my father is the main supporter of 5 members in his family including himself. Unfortunately great tragedy has happened in my family: my father had a surgery of tumor removal operation in spinal cord. Now he experience significant troubles while walking and visiting therapy course every weekend. My father is now in the wheel chair, but he did not stop and still is working very hard to let have a good education. Everyone of us is trying to do our best to help him. One of my brothers is now looking for a job, but has not succeeded yet.

The following financial division would explain why I need scholarship:

My father’s income is $95000 a year and he supports financially every one of us
According to my calculations my tuition cost $ 6110 per term/quarter. As one of my brothers studies the same university, the sum is the same and another brother in his college pay $3000 per term/quarter

Unfortunately the relatives of my mother and father have quite standard income and could hardly help us.

We have one car but generally we use public transport

Renting apartment costs us $400, - so we pay 1200 a month and also use internet, electricity and laundry for utilities. And Living costs for food and utilities for three of is about $8500. It is really minimum possible this year. So, adding up to our school tuition and rent apartment stands $60000+$8500= $68500 for the minimum spending possible we have calculated. The living costs for my parents are not included in these calculations; fortunately the cost of living at my motherland is less expensive than in US. But in the situation with father’s health $20000 is really not enough for mom and dad. He still got to pay for his therapy course. I am intended to help my father and ease the situation with our studies in the United States. My goal is to keep my GPA 3.5 or higher. I am very persistent and hardworking student at my course and I believe that I have a right to earn $1000 - $4000 scholarship reward as it undoubtedly improves my situation. I am intended to show this with the help of my studies.

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