Renting Vs Buying

Renting Vs Buying
Some people consider renting an apartment a much better option than owning a house. Nowadays the topic considering the rent or the owning a house is being discussed widely. Personally I disagree with the fact that renting an apartment is a much better option than owning a house, because a house is an investment, your own privacy, and ownership. I also disagree that renting an apartment is a better option than owning a house, because renting is throwing your money away, and never have the pride to own it or pass it on to a family member.

Some people rent an apartment because they do not have enough money to buy one. So that is why they are saving money for their own apartment. Sometimes people rent an apartment if they have a job in another city, far away from their home. But some people have money for their own apartment, but they prefer to rent it. Some of these people say that it is more interesting to rent different apartments than to live in one with the same decoration and at the same part of the city. Some also say that it is cheaper to rent than to buy, and also say that they can rent the apartment for 15 years, which will be equal to the cost of the apartment. Some people are just accustomed to the way to rent an apartment and then they have money to travel, to buy expensive things, to enjoy life this way.

Many people rent, although they have a possibility to buy, throwing their money away, they usually do not think about their future or the future of their family and children. Nowadays many rich people renting a house that buying is, as they have many reasons to rent it, as for some time they work in one city, and in a few months they move to another city. Some even stay at the hotels, as they claim that they do not feel lonely there. Many people choose work over family, they stay lonely but probably with a good career, always renting a flat and they do not even think about buying their own house and creating a family. Some people cannot save money and to buy a flat, as the prices are too high. That is why saving is important and also to buy your own house is much simpler if a person has support, his family and friends.

Your own house is an investment that will help live a calmer life, in comfort and in stability. Your own house is also a possibility pass it on to a family member. As nowadays people have a very busy life, everyone is in a hurry all the time, because we live in the world when there are more materialistic values, unfortunately. There are so many things people want to buy and try, that they forget about the importance to create a family, to live in a balance and to finally settle down. To rent is only better when it is temporary, when the rent is low and there is not enough money to buy an apartment, and is a person plans to move out of the rented apartments in a few years. Anyway, it is up to a person that decides to rent an apartment, as tendencies and prices change and the motives become other and the aims become realized. Situations change, but there is always a choice whether to rent an apartment or to buy it, which determines the advantages and disadvantages people face, following their choice.

Nowadays, if people have stable work and a family, it is more preferable to buy a house than to rent it, as it will be more profitable as a result. It is always pleasant to choose a house, to decorate it, to make changes and to create the proper atmosphere to enjoy live with a family. A house is also privacy, a place where only person that owns it can stay there and change whatever he wants. If people have enough money, it definitely would be better to buy a house and to make savings. It is important to use and spend money wisely. People should know how to save money and in what way it will be more profitable to buy things. The most important values in life should also be considered and wisely taken into consideration, as a purchase of a house may change a life of a family.


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