Critique of My Essay "My own Mission Statement and Goals"

Critique of My Essay "My own Mission Statement and Goals"
Criticizing my essay "My own Mission Statement and Goals" I will use the Five Criteria of Effective Writing. So, the five Features of Effective Writing are focus, organization, support and elaboration, style, and conventions.

Focus of the essay is clearly established and it fulfils the assignment of the prompt. The focus is strong, because I don’t retreat from the subject matter, but cover the topics of my mission, statement, values, goals and legacy.

The organization of the essay shows the relatedness, completeness and progression of ideas. I have established a well-organized composition, which includes logical and effective beginning, middle part and the end. The reader can notice that the response shows a vivid progression of related ideas and is complete.
The essay can be characterized as a work with good support and elaboration, including extension and development of the subject. The work contains sufficient elaboration, which I use to present my ideas clearly. Details of the essay are related to the focus of response, so the work contains relatedness, directness and sufficiency that are very important. The essay contains details that are relevant and clear.

I use the right style in my essay, so the language that is used in it is appropriate to the audience, purpose and the context of the work. I skillfully use the purposeful vocabulary enhances, appropriate words, descriptions and phrases that are understandable for readers. Sentences of the essay are characterized by fluency and provide necessary relationships between ideas that are appropriate to this written work.

The appropriate conventions in the essay prove the presence of correctness in sentence usage and formation. The essay doesn’t contain serious errors or mistakes that can prevent readers from understanding the ideas of the essay.

As the essay meets almost all requirements, it can be characterized as superior paper (A-). The thesis of the paper is crystal clear and easily understandable for the reader and it connected with paper title. The essay’s structure is appropriate for thesis and evident. All paragraphs support the same topic. The ideas of the essay flow logically and the argument is identifiable. The grammar and the sentence structure are on a high level. There is also a correct use of punctuation and no spelling mistakes. The work conforms to format requirements, but the lack of examples requires it to be evaluated as A-.

The most changing aspect of writing this essay was to define my mission as it is sometimes difficult put into the words everything I feel and desire. At the same time the least challenging was to write about my values as they influence my life and lead me.

Critique of My Essay "My own Mission Statement and Goals" 9.4 of 10 on the basis of 1907 Review.