Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family

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The question of equal rights is supported by the numerous research processes, which describe the oppressive role of men in the family life, their unwilling to assist women if housekeeping and children upbringing and other stories, which deal with gender discrimination. The same time the sharing of the household duties is still among the acute problems in the contemporary society. It goes without saying that sharing the household duties besides the gender question raises another one the question of respect. If you are living with a mate, it does not matter what age or gender he or she is, if you are not involved in the relations there exists special agreement according the duties about the house, payments and so one. But if you are living with a partner the situation significantly changed. Sometimes it seems that men respect their male or female mates more than their partners, as they equally share with them all the household duties. It is very offensive and harmful for the partner from the psychological point of view. That is why the sharing of the household duties should be equal between the family members and partners in life as well as among the flat or housemates.

Traditionally housekeeping is considered to be female task, hence, it should be noted that the times, when females were doing all work about the house, are in the decay and another significant questions, they were not working (i.e. do not earn for a living) being on the alimentation of men. It goes without saying that it made certain obligations. But now at the times of feminism and emancipation women perform equally with men and sometimes even earn more than mean. It means that the reason: “I am tired at work” won’t work for the contemporary woman, as she also gets tired at work and sometimes even more than a man. It is essential that to avoid the conflict it would be better to provide equality for the housekeeping duties and it would be really good for creation healthy from the psychological point of view family. It would also help to avoid conflict on the theme: who earn more. As women are not principal in that question if men share household duties with them.

Another reason men could insist on avoiding the housekeeping duties is that in his parents’ family the traditional approach to the housekeeping is used. That is definitely not right as the time does not stand still and the contemporary approach requires equal sphere of the household duties. Understanding that your partner might be tired, ill or something like that. Assisting in the housework would help to avoid a number of conflicts in the family life and create a healthy atmosphere for the future children. The mutual respect means a lot in contemporary times and it is a good guarantee for the creation of a healthy family, children upbringing in the healthy atmosphere and providing healthy nation, which is very important for prosperity of the future generations.


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