Assignment Type: Discussion Board

 Assignment Type: Discussion Board
Focusing on the change management I would like to focus on the fact that my vision is based upon the structural peculiarities of the Enterprise Architecture. It won’t be a secret that Enterprise Architecture require constant changes and it is impossible to create an ideal EA, as the methods, technologies and ideas implemented within the architecture are constantly changing. The new suggested methods of the managerial approaches and thinking require changes in the EA. It could be perfectly revealed on implementation of Six Sigma methodology, suggested by Motorola Inc. 20 years ago.

Enterprise Architecture Practice and Framework

 Assignment Type: Discussion Board

At first I would like to focus on the EA practice and framework. The following figure demonstrates the structure of the enterprise architecture. The framework of the EA include first of all Views, which provide information communicating mechanism about the relationship, which are significant for the architecture. The second importance are Methods, which include provision of discipline in order to collect and organize all the data and further construct the views in such a way, that would add to ensuring of completeness, accuracy and integrity. Finally Training or Experience, which provide the application support of a method and tools’ usage.

Six Sigma Methodology as the Example of Managerial Changes

The Six Sigma Methodology introduces alternative organizational methods, within the architecture of any enterprise. It won’t be a secret that it is introduced on the level of methodology, providing optimization of the resources the company owns. It means that Six Sigma methodology completely reorganizes methods of the EA framework. Starting from the human resources and ending with the financial optimization. The core attention is devoted to the managerial tactics. It should be noted that Six Sigma makes a huge stress on the managerial improvement (as managers are responsible for the human resource task performance) and financial optimization. It should be noted that Six Sigma is focused on achieving stable and predictable results. Reorganization of the company with the help of resources optimization, problems identification and problem solving are the core methods of Six Sigma. The Chart at Appendix 2 perfectly illustrates the work of Six Sigma introduction in EA.

Within the enterprise architecture Six Sigma methodology could also play quite a significant role, assisting optimization of the processes and infrastructure. It should be noted that optimization process according the methodology introduced by Motorola University is often used within the huge IT enterprises and successfully driven them to success. The critical aspect, which the Six Sigma methodology concentrate, while implementing the ideas within such type of enterprises is the raise of IT level – from the managing of technologies efficiency to providing the impact on the business success. In Appendix 1 there could be found several figures that perfectly illustrate the data which is necessary for the successful implementation of the technology, detailed analysis and optimization of the enterprise architecture. It should be noted that effectiveness always stay very important moment, hence the core aim has already been changed. It is not economy of the costs, but decreasing the expenses in order to free the resources, which could be used for further development of the business.

Why the Changes in Management Are Important

The leader of the enterprise implementing the Six Sigma strategy should understand that the architecture of the company needs constant changes and could never be fulfilled. Optimization, introduced by Six Sigma methodologies includes the most recent technologies, which are among the popular managerial solutions in the present day world. That makes Six Sigma methodology so effectively working within the industry, optimizing the skills, time and money.

As it is seen from the examination of Six Sigma methodology the Architecture of the Enterprise require constant changes and these changes are easier to implement on the managerial level, as managers are responsible for the organization of the whole company. The Six Sigma technology is just a single example, but there are a number of them could be implemented within the change management program in order to improve task performance and make the company be corresponding to the mo0st recent managerial techniques and demands of the market and the resources. It won’t be a secret that a single managerial technique without the changes and development of individual strategy is worth nothing. It requires constant changes and implementation of the most recent technologies in order to be successful in the market, raise the standards to attract the effective specialists and successful implementation of the managerial strategies.


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