Comparison Essay

Comparison Essay
Nowadays, there is becoming a tendency to spend more time out of the city. This happens, because people work too much and want to rest surrounded by nature. That is why, today many people think about moving out of the city where it is calmer and more preferable to live. Although both places- the farm and the city have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to people to decide when and where it is better for them to live.

Living on a farm gives a person more freedom, relaxation, fresh air, time to think and no rush, while living in the city means always being in a hurry, always buying something, working, choosing from where to go and staying nervous the majority of time. Sometimes, living in a city gives people more options to choose from in many areas, while the countryside cannot give so much entertaining and possibilities. Living on a farm almost guarantees the better conditions for health, while living in the city a person does not feel the connection with the nature and the cities are usually polluted.

Constantly living on a farm changes a person and he becomes accustomed to the way of life, to the new habits, to the possibilities the farm can guarantee and to the advantages it provides people with. And living in a city almost always means the same main things for everyone – working and purchasing. It all depends on what people see around them. If it is nature- then people will rest, think, create, enjoy. And if it is the city, then people will see the possibilities to find a job, to buy different things, to visit exhibitions, museums, theatres, cinemas, cafes and restaurants. The city is oriented on the active way of life, which people choose to entertain to getting to know new people, to work a lot, to save money to be able to travel and to spend more time outside the house looking for “adventures”. If people consciously understand what they need and where they will be happier, then whatever they choose, they will enjoy the process. In both cases, living on a farm, a person can visit the city, and living in the city a person can visit a farm, as the balance in life is very important. Living each day in a different way makes life more interesting, opens new opportunities, gives new ideas and fulfills the person’s life with excitement.

Everyone sees the possibilities and the advantages either living on a farm or in the city. The choice depends on the values people have and on what they need to feel happy. Sometimes, people live in the city till they make a lot of money and then they move to the farm and relax, enjoying the best the life can give. Today, some people have already forgotten in their daily problems and routine about the advantages of being surrounded by nature. As living on a farm pleases the soul, while living in the city keeps a person in a constant stress. Sometimes, a person just needs a little rest in the countryside to continue his work in the city. Living in the city gives a person promising new friends, new expectations, new and better choice of the goods and more job opportunities, while living on a farm reflects more calm way of life, more rest and more thinking.

Often, young people who do not live in the city decide to move there because of the possibilities they see, as they cannot find work where they currently live and they give a try.

Although sometimes, young people see the business opportunities living on a farm, combining their work and the type of life they want. If people live in the city and they manage to visit other places surrounded by nature, this will make sense. Anyway, people can choose from the life in the city and the life on a farm, as they can experience both and then they will see what suits them best.

All in all, the most important thing in a person’s life is a balance which a person has to have in his work, family and in the spare time. The ability to depict the best options out of living on a farm and living in the city, can give a person an ability to enjoy his life and to see the advantages in both variants.

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