Boyz N the Hood

Boyz N the Hood
Boyz N the Hood is an American hood film of 1991, directed by George Singleton and nominated for “Oscar”.
The plot of the film is the story of three friends: two brothers - Ricky and Darin and their friend Tre. They live in one of the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, which is highly criminalized and dangerous. Ricky enjoys sports and hopes to rich success in it. His brother Darin becomes interested in drugs and crime. Tre's father Jason helps guys and tries to teach them to cope with difficult situations. Tre explains the guys that they should stay away from drugs and gangs, as it leads primarily to the destruction.

Ricky is killed by accident in the gunfight, and in two weeks Darin is killed also. Tre wants to take the revenge for his friend, but he remembers the lessons of his father and refuses the idea. The film ends with the wish "to keep the peace” ( Phillips 1991).

The film shows the life in the criminal suburbs of South Central Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles South Central district is the paradise for drug addicts and murderers. Those who live there seem to be doomed to end their days with a knife in the back or a syringe in the vein. South Central is tenaciously holding its victims, but the hope to escape from this terrible world does not leave the heroes of the film.

This movie is a story of the lives of young guys who live in South Central Los Angeles. Trying to avoid violence and drugs, some of them are choosing the path of education, pin their hopes on college, others are caught up in violence and submit the laws of the streets. John Singleton film shows the most acute and complex internal social problems of America: racism, violence, poverty, and drug abuse. This is not a film about hip-hop and banditry, but a story about how children grow up without parents in a war zone with a faceless enemy, where people do not value each other's lives at all and value their own lives just a little bit more.

The film touches such topics as zoning and police brutality. "Boyz N the Hood" examines African American life and relationships in an urban ghetto. It is a great example of how a good story can still have a downbeat tone. Thus, the film shows all hardships and horrors of the childhood in an irrelevant educational system, as well as the neighborhood which doesn't allow kids to be kids, because of the need to make decisions about the value of life and the development of hope and responsibility. "Boyz N the Hood" is not just about 'black problems', but it covers everybody's problems, so the solutions of these problems will require global understanding. It is a great movie about real issues and problems of America.


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Boyz N the Hood 8.1 of 10 on the basis of 1402 Review.