Dear John (2010)

Dear John (2010)
"Dear John" is a film by Lasse Hallström in the genre of drama, a screen adaptation of the book by Nicholas Sparks, and it is about twenty-three year old officer John Tyree.

John Tyree, the young soldier Special Forces of the U.S. Army, is wounded and lying on the ground, remembers his childhood, when he was hit with an excursion to the Mint. He compares himself with a coin, which has two openings and ceased to be perfect. But just before the darkening of consciousness, the last thing that came to mind - that is “you”. In the film the Ordinary World is described, and also the Return to Ordinary World, as they reveal the story’s line.

While on holiday in 2001 on the shore John meets a beautiful girl, she dropped her purse in the water and John, jumping from a four-meter pier, gets her. So he became acquainted with Savannah Lynn Curtis, a student at college, came home on vacation. For several days they fall in love. “See you soon” - their phrase, which they said to each other at parting. John meets Savannah’s friend Tim Whiddon and his son Alan, autistic, which is very friendly with Savannah. Savannah gets acquainted with his father John, a very private person; interested only in its collection of coins, which outgrowths John, was not a good father in the opinion of his son. Savannah, which constantly communicating with Alan, suggests that John’s father also suffers from autism. This enraged John and he picks a fight at the beach with a neighbor Savannah Randy accidentally accrues and Tim. The next day, John apologizes to him and asks me to give Savannah note, as John’s holiday comes to an end. Last day, final 2 weeks of dating, they spend together and agree to always write each other letters. John returned to the army, where he was to serve for another year. They regularly write letters each other, by numbering them as mail comes late and the letter may come out of order. “Dear John” – from these words Savannah always starts her letters to John. But after the terror September 11, 2001 the entire squad, John volunteered to go to another life, and John had no choice but to follow their example. He gets a couple of days off and flew back home to Savannah. Savannah comes to despair when she learns that John signed up to serve another 3 years. Yet they parted, telling each other “See you soon”. Over the next two years, John is involved in dangerous missions, and lives only letters Savannah. But suddenly, after a long break, John receives a letter from her in which she said that she cannot live and getting married. John is very depressed, suspects that Savannah lived with ex-boyfriend Randy, and burns all her letters. After the injury he was asked to go home and spend time with his father, but John prefers to go to enlist again. He decides to make a career in the army, where they stayed as long as possible. Over the next 4 years, John has participated in many missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. And once he was told that he was going home because his father suffered a stroke, and he is in poor condition in hospital. John spends his last days with his father beside him and wrote him a letter. John reads the letter to him and we learn that during the injury, he thought it was about my father, not Savannah. John travels to Savannah and discovers that marriage, she married Tim, not the rich neighbor Randy. Savannah says that Tim had cancer, that he cannot afford expensive medicines, and that they are already sold the house. John visits Tim in the hospital, where he apologized to him and admits that he has always loved Savannah and is now convinced that his son Alan will always be supervised. He also acknowledged that Savannah still loves John, and that to him she never looked like John. After dinner at the home of Savannah, John says goodbye to her, not replying to her “See you soon”. Then he sells his father’s coin collection, except for the first mule, which was found by John in his childhood and from which, and went the whole collection. He donates money anonymously to the operation for Tim. A mule in the army uses for decision making in operations - where to go: left or right. One gets from Savannah, a letter in which she reported that Tim received anonymous money, and that she knows of who they are. With the money Tim had a couple of months to say goodbye to her son, after which he died. Savannah wrote that constantly asks about John, where he is, that with him, but recognizes that long-lost right to know this. John returns home, sees Savannah through the glass at the cafe, she exits the cafe and hugs him with passion.

The story is told in a beautiful way, with a lot of sun, with positive emotions and sufferings, but all the scenes are bright and very attractive. The majority of the locations of the film are outside, nature is widely shown, and colors are bright. The camera is constantly moving and showing us many places and different situations, where there are a lot of emotions, known by all of us.

The shots of the film say about the characters’ emotions, their sufferings and their dreams and expectations, while waiting for the moment to meet again. High contrast lighting and bright colors are shown in happy and exciting moments of the film. When it is needed to contrast emotions and sufferings and the waiting there is used a low angle and eye level shots, to reflect the situation and to perform it best. The accent is made of the characters themselves and on their feelings shown. The sound design of a film includes mostly of naturalistic ambient sound. Natural way of the shots and of the characters is shown to reflect life as it is and the emotions which all of us recognizes while watching the film. The film’s compositions are traditionally balanced and sometimes they are a mix, it is very realistic sometimes, and sometimes the scenes are as a dream where it would be great to be a part of it.

This movie will cause the interest from only a name producer. “Dear John” has been made by Lasse Hallström based on the novel by Nicholas Spark, which had a great success. A screen adaptation of a book written in epistolary style is a difficult lesson. After all, the director has to embody in the frame and not so much the plot twists as the feelings which govern the actions of the heroes. Why these two people accidentally met, and between a young man and a woman suddenly flashes passion that drives them to write letters each other every day? Why did these letters come less and less? Why feelings fade, and that may again bring them back to life? “Dear John” - is, at first glance, just another story of love. However, the popularity of the film, which has already gathered a large desk in the West, and promises to be equally successful all over the world, speaks for itself. It is difficult to say that that has defined the success of the film, which, by any large, does not differ from the usual melodrama. Chances are that the director managed to create a unique atmosphere of its empathy with the main characters with whom the viewer, whether male or female, inevitably starts to identify themselves. There are questions that will be important for a person, especially a young man, at all times. Perhaps the “Dear John” will be just the film that will make you re-re-think the value in your life and decide what it most important for you. And let this choice does not give you a price that had to pay for his movie the heroes - John and Savannah.

Intense summer romance turns into something more between John and Savannah. Young lovers get separated when John is called to the army. To keep their love for one year of separation, they vow to write letters each other every day. But one day the letters stopped coming. Years later, John with a broken heart comes back to Savannah in a search of the answers. Have the time and distance to won? Did she love another? Is there a chance to revive their love? Once they find out that their feelings are still alive, a new twist of fate forces to bury them in their dreams and sacrifice their love for the common good.

Such films teach us how to live and show us what life can be ... No matter where you are and who you are, it is important that you all live in this world, and everything will end someday. But we do not think about it, we think about the present, from everything that surrounds us, what we see and with whom we go forward. We live, we are changing with time, the world changes, but there are things that never change. We need such films to realize for ourselves the best way and without them we could not live, because this world is full of love and cruelty. I watched this movie and was filled with all that is in this movie that we have in our lives, and that we do not appreciate, and begin to appreciate, only when we lose it.



Dear John (2010) 8.6 of 10 on the basis of 1990 Review.