Worldview of a Situation Comedy

Worldview of a Situation Comedy
Traditional vision of family and family values are under the precise attention of the mass media, especially television. On the private channels we could observe a number of TV shows that were started yet in the past century and since then are still very popular among the viewers. The Simpsons could be called one of the most well known example.

The Simpsons are filled with satire (social in particular), the show make a fun of numerous cliché and stereotypes, in particular so called “lifestyle of average American family”, peculiarities of the world cultures as a whole, the celebrities and even television itself, even “Fox” channel where it is presented. The series touching such tricky subjects as politics and religion: in particular there were raised themes of same sex marriages, which is very acute rights now
Dealing with the social problems, making them ridiculous in the sight of the viewer some would call the Simpsons staying on the guard of American morality, paying attention on the degradation so called “lifestyle of average American family”. Others would insist on the fact that it is amoral to shop such disgusting things on the TV. It would be the right thing to note official position of the Vatican, proclaimed in its newspaper in 2009 praising it “philosophical leanings as well as its stinging and often irreverent take on religion, AP reports”: “The show is based on "realistic and intelligent writing," it said, though it added there was some reason to criticize its "excessively crude language, the violence of certain episodes or some extreme choices by the scriptwriters” (CathNews USA, 2009)
The creators of the series were intended to show the real life of the society, paying attention of people to the most burning ethical problems as well. Personally I think that these series observes ethical norms defining what is really good and what is really evil.

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