Essay DB3

Essay DB3
John Mack is the leader of Morgan Stanley, who has made a significant contribution to the development of the company and implementation of its strategy of One-Firm Firm. At the same time, if the company had a different leader, Morgan Stanley could face difficulties while implementing this strategy because John Mack united the company under his lead. Even though he tends to the authoritarian leadership style, his charisma and leadership power unite the company. On the other hand, the company faces such problems as internal conflicts and opposition to the leader (Partnoy, 1997). Therefore, Morgan Stanley could implement its strategy One-Firm Firm could be implemented successfully, if the company had a charismatic leader, who used a different leadership style compared to John Mack but was charismatic enough to keep the company united.

In this regard, James Gorman could take the lead and head the company toward success. James Gorman is devoted to the company and he has an extensive experience of work within the company. Moreover, he could replace John Mack and succeed because he knows perfectly the organizational structure and culture of Morgan Stanley. Anyway, he is a true leader. Nevertheless, it is possible to recommend John Mack to use the transformational leadership style, which can improve his relationships with his subordinates and the overall performance of the company. The leader should help employees to perform their functions and support them when necessary. Obviously, John Mack could be more successful, if he changed his leadership style. He should become more tolerant and liberal in relation to his subordinates (Hibbard, 2005). Subordinates should feel the support of John Mack and his confidence in his subordinates.

In addition, technologies could help John Mack to improve the organizational performance because through new technologies he could accelerate the development of the company and make it one of the leaders of the industry. In this regard, the rapid communication could improve the relationship between John Mack and his subordinates because they could coordinate their work effectively.

Thus, it is possible to recommend John Mack to change his leadership style and introduce new technologies, focusing on the development of rapid communication within the company.


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