How the Environment Plays a Role in Learning

How the Environment Plays a Role in Learning
Nowadays learning is one of the main skills to be obtained. With the currents technologies that develop too fast and with the plenty of different interesting options, it is rather difficult to get a proper learning and to find time to study thoroughly. Also there are many factors that affect the learning process, where the environment plays a certain role. Different factors are affecting learning and perception of information, and it should be understood as the circumstances, conditions, natural and social facts affecting the efficiency of the educational system and encourage people to activism.
Allocate subjective and objective factors, understanding the subjective factor of the process manifestation of subjective qualities of people (knowledge, assessment, attitudes, moral and political beliefs, abilities, personal mental characteristics) in their practices, which have significant influence on the course of this process.
Clearly, the influence of contemporary factors of education and training are more effective in the field of spiritual and mental component of human personality, and spiritual personality structure has become most vulnerable to the cultural and informational impact. Some of the factors - managed (access to resources, ethnic and social values, education, level of ethnic and social organization, the status of a subculture nationwide hierarchy, relevant organizations of the challenges of the environment, etc.). Uncontrolled factors are racial and ethnic characteristics, subcultures, stereotypes of ethnic behavior and others. The human factor is a combination of intrinsic forces, qualities, abilities, physical and spiritual possibilities of a person, realized in his work transforming society and its systems. The human factor is a complex structural formation.
Microenvironment, as production, consists of socio-cultural, family and everyday associations of people experiencing the profound effect of these human factors; however, it is determined by the influence of factors of mega-and macro level. Each object of education, while being an active subject of education, as a rule, ethno identified and regards itself as a social group.
Nowadays there exist many ways and different approaches of learning that are affected by such factors as different available resources in internet, magazines, etc. If a person has an internet access, then his learning process will be much easier, as there are plenty of free books available, different kinds of encyclopedias, plenty of articles, archives and other data resources to use. The advantages of the technologies allow always having up-to-date information, availability to choose resources, topics and read the news and to be the first in obtaining the information. Distant learning, with the help of the newest online resources is popular now, as it is convenient and can save our time and money. Nowadays people choose alternative ways of education and learning via internet, as many teachers have started working online, as it is more profitable. There is a big archive of information in the internet that can be used for free, and this is a great opportunity or everyone who wants to try new ways of education. A person can visit offline lessons and practice both online and offline opportunities. But is should be stated that the most ultimate information, news and technological inventions are placed into the internet websites, and later to the printed editions. People, who are eager to learn, can balance and choose the things they depict to get educated with the help of the modern technologies.
As a fact, learning environment should be effective and enjoyable. It also should be modern, it should include technologies, possibilities, and it should cause interest and new creative ideas. Learning environment is surrounded by informal learning, lifelong learning and different learning styles and approaches. The ability to develop new skills and having the objectives and goals to learn are the factors that define the success and perspective of learning in any environment.
It is obvious, that information nowadays has become a clue to the future perspectives that surround us. People are able to choose, to find new ideas and to understand the possibilities. The environment where people start learning is very important, as it determines the future success of a person.


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