Prewriting for Essay

Prewriting for Essay
Previous experience. During my nursery, kindergarten, and primary school I took part in virtually all the social events and had a good mutual understanding with my peers. The dominant majority of tasks I was assigned to perform I fulfilled with excellent results and was always properly appreciated by my educators. I was active in my neighborhood as well and was always on good terms with my peers there too. I was starring in three plays – “Puss in Boots” (nursery), “The Snow Queen” (kindergarten), and “Karlsson-on-the-Roof” (primary school) – that were estimated as successful by my parents and teachers. At the high school, I took part in economics contest and carried out two successful research projects in economics – “Global Crises of 20th Century” and “Marketing Technologies at the Beginning of 3rd Millennium ”.

My core values. According to the words of people surrounding me and my own observations, I strongly hold to such values as responsibility, punctuality, diligence, subtleness, trust, amiability, and honesty. In my studies and other occupations I make the strongest emphasis on the quality of what I perform.

Contributions. I am striving to be a valuable member of human society, throughout all its layers – family, community, state, country and the world. My future profession must be relevant in the modern context of economic, social and political relations that define the peculiarities and specificity of modern world, and my country in particular. It must also provide me and my family with decent income and enough space for personal growth.

Goals. Attaining a degree in economy is what I think to be the most appropriate and adequate way to professional success. So the most important short-term goal is entering university and attaining bachelor’s, and probably master’s, degree.

Mission statement. To live in harmony with myself, my family and society, achieving short- and long-term goals directed to the public and personal good, to spiritually and economically grow and help others attain these purposes.

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