Personal statement

Personal statement
First of all I would like to start by saying that my name is Fadal Ali. I am from Qatar. I am twenty four years old and I am married.
I was sponsored by the Petroleum Company (Qatar Petroleum QP) to chemical engineering in Australia. In 2003 I went to Australia and did an English course and the foundation year. Then, I went to the University of Queensland to do chemical engineering.

I would like to notice that the University of Queensland is highly ranked. It is considered to be as one of the top universities not only in Australia but also all over the world. It is one of the first Australia’s learning and research institutions and is ranked forty first in the world.

I started the degree in July 2005. I completed the third year of my degree but when I was the fourth year unfortunately I have been dismissed because of my low GPA. It happened in August 2010.

In spite of having been dismissed I really want to continue my study and to finish my degree. Eight years ago I started my degree in Australia. I was full of enthusiasm and I had a concrete aim: to get my degree. I spent almost eight years for the achievement of my goal and now I understand that I ended with nothing. But it does not frighten me. I am still full of enthusiasm and I have enough strength of will to prevail! I am sure that I will do my best to finish my degree and I believe in my forces! Everything I need is to be accepted to your University.

There is also some information about me I would like to add. Of course while studying we had many tasks to do in group. And I should notice that I am very good at group work. I did many lap experiments in the university. Also, I worked in the vacation in Qatar Petroleum and those skills that I already had were appreciated very high. I should say that I was considered to be a very good specialist.

Also, I would like to give some information about my personal likings. I am very fond of sport. I can even say that sport is my hobby. First of all I should notice that I am a Professional Chess player. I took part in the world chess championship for two times and both times I showed very good results. Due to my occupation with chess I have an analytical habit of mind. I want to mark such peculiarities of my mind as logic, attentiveness, ability to count the situation in advance. I am a very diligent and assiduous person. I am sure that these qualities will help me to achieve my goal and to finish my degree. Also, I should draw your attention that I am in a good physical shape. Since childhood I have been playing soccer and as a result I am a good soccer player. I think I could be a good member of the University soccer team to uphold the honor of the University in the soccer championships.

I choose your University just because it is a very good one. It is highly ranked and not only in your country but it also occupies one of the top places in the world. I am sure that this University is a great place to be and the best place to finish my degree! I strongly believe that my aim will be realized just in this University!

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