Comparison and contrast paper

Comparison and contrast paper
Nowadays there are thousands of the websites trying to get attention of the visitors, as the competition if too high. I have chosen the websites Butter Trough: The World’s First Entirely Ad Supported Restaurant: and Dog Island: to compare and contrast how convincing each site is.

As a fact, both websites are modestly decorated and have the main points of important and useful information for the users. The websites give full information of the services and the opportunities they offer. Both sites succeed and attract attention of the visitors.

The use of image elements on the website is effective, the interface is cozy, but I think there are not enough photos of the food they offer. For the future visitors of the First 100% Advertisement Supported Restaurant it would be very interesting to see the photos of it at first.
The font and the layout of the website correspond to its content and the overall design is nice. The website Butter Trough: The World’s First Entirely Ad Supported presents very convincing arguments to visit the restaurant while the website Dog Island does not, as it has the lack of photos of the places of the island where the dogs can be sent. The website contains advertisements, photos of the dogs and the description of the island where a person can send his dog to the Dog Island. The font of the website is readable and the colors of the website are in the blue shades, while the colors of the Butter Trough: The World’s First Entirely Ad Supported Restaurant: are yellow and warm.

The content of the website is very persuading for the visitor to find out more about the restaurant and also to visit it. Colors influence the psychology of a person that is why visitors feel comfortable and secure when they visit the site. The content and the information of this website can persuade a visitor that it is authentic, while the content of the website Dog Island: does not persuade so well, as there is much advertisement at the website, as it concentrates on the other things as the weather, sign ups, many different advertisements from Google.
The purpose of the website Butter Trough: The World’s First Entirely Ad Supported Restaurant is to attract visitors to the restaurant, and to visit it for free. The restaurant offers to come there with friends and to have fun for free. This means that while a person is enjoying his bread, butter, and team, he will softly hear advertisements playing in the background via the tabletop speakers and the television sets. The restaurant guarantees its visitors the unique experience they will never get at any other restaurant. The restaurant The Butter Trough also offers the bi-hourly butter "slopping" by Farmer Bob and the kids butter-skimming contests. I think that the restaurant is worth visiting, it has unique approach and inspiring atmosphere. I would love to visit it. The purpose of the website Dog Island: is to offer the service to send your dog to the Dog Island. The Dog Island offers for the dogs the healthy and happy life, free from the stress and hardship. The website describes all the advantages that the dogs will get on the Free Forever Dog Island. The aim of the website is to guarantee the freedom and to live with the limitless space with other animals. The Dog Island is the unique place for the dogs to be truly social and create healthy families.

Invention, drafting and research strategies are creative and unique, and they are used by the both sites. There are the offers that surprised me and which I wanted to try myself. The website Butter Trough: The World’s First Entirely Ad Supported Restaurant: has also an online shop with a variety of the goods that can be purchased. The main points and distinctive features of this website are the principles Friends, Fun, Food, Free. The restaurant also claims to serve the best absolute best and freshest supply of butter to be found in the region. This butter is made from only organic minerals, and, as the restaurant claims, the butter is made daily for your enjoyment. Atlanta Establishment is now open and is waiting for its visitors. At the same time, the website Dog Island: is not so creative, as plenty of different advertisements are everywhere at the website. The idea itself about the Dog Island is nice and unique and many people would love to experience it with their dogs. The visible advantage of the website is that it has FAQ in the menu, which helps to know more detailed information about the service. The website also has contact information, press, products in the menu. I think the only thing the website lacks is the design of the home page that will attract more visitors. Also, there is too many advertisements and it does not focus people of the service the website offers, but on the purchasing something else. The design should be changed for a more modern version to attract more people and to highlight the main points and current offers of the service.

All in all, the websites have some common features, some unique points, creative ideas and new services. They have convincing content and they are also intriguing. Nowadays being creative means a lot, as the competition is very high and each website is looking for something new and unique to surprise its visitors. Some of the websites have modern interface, but they have the lack of new ideas, new services and convincing photos. The current websites Butter Trough: The World’s First Entirely Ad Supported Restaurant: and Dog Island have many advantages and they can become even better if the design will be changes a little, to become more modern and attractive. There also should be balance in the content of the websites, as it is important to include more photos, more useful information, more colors and fewer advertisements, as they attract the attention. And the focus should be made only of the advantages of the services that are offered and also on the exclusivity of the innovation and on the positive outcomes they bring.

In any case, these websites are fake, and they were probably created to analyze the psychological effects on people, to experiment and to choose what visitors like and what they do not like when they visit the websites. That is why these websites can be helpful to find out which layout, context, image elements and purpose will be more effective in promotion of the products.


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