Narration As Persuasion

Narration As Persuasion
It is difficult to imagine the majority of professionals working without a computer. Having computer skills has become almost obligatory since 1998. The consequences of the technological progress have required studying the new ways of performance and creativity. The importance of technologies and gadgets guarantees that a person will be up-to-date with the newest information and he will have certain advantages. The knowledge of computer programs and the ability to use internet are extremely helpful in today’s world.

The opportunities that a computer can give us are surprising, as the technological progress is being developed in ways that the majority of people cannot even imagine. Each child, student, and adult has to know how to use a computer. Today this is an “unwritten rule”. Computer is a life-changing invention and people have opportunities to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, many people cannot use the computer and cannot imagine their life with working on it. Moreover, the majority of these people are adults. Basic skills in computer use are the “must” for all adults these days. The education process of children requires computers to make it complete, as many programs have been invented and implemented that allow students to study and learn much easier. It is almost certain that in near future there will be obligatory requirements for all working people to use a computer at their workplace. Children and adolescents need a computer at home to fulfill their tasks.

In any case, any new invention can open plenty of opportunities for people and change people’s lives for the better. Just as the computer did for many people in the 20th century and it still affects lives of people. That is why more new knowledge should be obtained from different sources. Those students in the nineties, who strongly believed in the technology, in its future and in its progress, nowadays are the most recognizable people in the world, the most successful and proud.

As known, the computer renders plenty of possibilities to choose from. The computer contains several spheres of activities to get involved. They include the sphere of entertainment, internet, journalism, programming, medicine, education, creation of music and films, communication, etc. The most visible advantage is that people can choose and as a fact, there is a lot to choose from, so anyone can find at least something extraordinary, the most interesting and fascinating for himself. People can devote their lives to working with the help of the computer, making a hobby of it, using it as a means of communication, as a place to create, as a place to get educated and just to enjoy the possibilities.

Different people see different possibilities when they see a computer, some see positive things, some see negative things, as it depends on the interests of a person. If a person is well-educated, then he knows that computer has already become an integral part of people’s lives. It has shown people the new ways to work, it has opened the new possibilities, the new crucial decisions and it has become the new progress in our lives. And even those who did not believe in its power have found something indispensable for themselves.

Obviously, nowadays it is very difficult to imagine the modern life without a computer. And it is also really difficult to imagine that there is a computer almost in every home. While some countries of the world are suffering from the extreme poverty and hunger, at the same time it is normal to have several computers at home in the family that lives in the developed country. The gap is enormous and it is even hard to understand it, that is why if there is an opportunity to learn how to use a computer, how to change a life for the better and to improve something in the world with the help of it, then definitely it should be done. But it is important to remember to have balance in life and to be able to know the limits for all the activities we can choose from. The balance in everything we do in life is very important and it is a guarantee to be able to enjoy it.

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