Definition Essay

Definition Essay
The word daughter I have chosen for the definition could be used as a noun and an adjective. It is known in the English language before 12th century. Some historians and investigator of the language consider that this word was in use before 1950. In the Old English it was written as dohtor and in Middle English as doughter. It has close relation to the Old High German tohter and Greek thygatēr.

Speaking about the definition of the word daughter there are known nearly 6 definitions, of this word, which are generally used.
The first and probably the most widely used is: "a girl or woman as she is related to either or both parents: sometimes also used of animals" (LoveToKnow Corp, 2010). This definition is widely used in contemporary English. E.g.: She has two songs and one daughter

The second definition is "any female descendant" (Random House, Inc. 2010.). A good example would be: She is the daughter of her father
The third meaning is dealing with some kind of abstract parental relations: "a female thought of as having been formed by some influence, as a child is by a parent" (LoveToKnow Corp, 2010). This definition is often used in the literary texts of the novels, especially when it is spoken about the shifting historical events or events that changed the life of people. Good examples would be 1. She was the meek daughter of the Church 2. She was the daughter of French Revolution
The following definition is often used as a personification for the certain relations: “anything personified as female and considered with respect to its origin” (Random House, Inc. 2010.). The example that would perfectly illustrate this particular definition of the word daughter would be “Culturally Japan is a daughter of Chinese civilization” (Edwin O. Reischauer).

If we speak about general use of this word, we should take into consideration that the word daughter was often used in address to a woman or a girl. Hence this definition is now considered to be archaic and rarely used

But the word daughter is also widely used within the different sciences. One of the definitions closely related to the Biology and could be described as "pertaining to a cell or other structure arising from division or replication" (Random House, Inc. 2010.). The word combinations as daughter cell and daughter DNA are widely used within the biological science and are very informative in characterization.

The definition, which addresses to the Physics, is characterized as “an atomic species that is the product of the radioactive decay of a given element” (Webster dictionary, 2010). Word combinations daughter atom, daughter nuclide are perfectly characterizing the use of this definition

And finally in general meaning as an adjective. This would defines nouns, which are “Possessing the characteristics of a daughter; having the relationship of a daughter” (Random House, Inc. 2010.).

It should be noted that the word daughter has wide variety of definitions, which are used as in general use, as for the specific characteristics in different sciences.


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