Analysis of a Thailand holiday

Analysis of a Thailand holiday
Thailand is a country of infinite variety with high mountains, with clean rivers, impenetrable jungles, exotic animals and plants. Country orchids and twinkling blue sapphires, which pointed spikes on the picturesque roofs of the temples pierce into the bottomless sky. Thailand is a very small kingdom, but the focus of attention to it is huge, as it is one of the most interesting places for recreation. On such a small area fit a lot of interesting things.

Thailand is one of the most developed countries of Southeast Asia. You can see the skyscrapers and neon lights of advertising with the rich national culture, "the land of the free" - the locals call Thailand. This country has the Buddhist way of thinking, where there are revered monarch, the land of smiles, excellent cuisine and surprisingly beautiful women. One of the attractions of Thailand - Rose Garden, located 32 kilometers south of Bangkok. Garden takes more than 25 hectares. This is a sea of tropical flowers, roses and orchids. In the nearby village of Thai tourists can see traditional Thai ceremonies and scenes of life: a dedication to the monks, Thai wedding ceremony and, of course, the show of elephants. Very interesting Safari Park is the largest zoo in Asia. Here you will find rare species of animals from around the world that can freely walk around the huge park. The main resorts of Thailand are: Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket, Cha Am, Hua-Hin, Island Pee Island Samet, Krabi province. All the resorts have a high level of service, mass entertainment and cheap prices in the store.

This exotic country of South-East Asia occupies the central part of the Indochina Peninsula and the north of Peninsula Malaysia. Thailand is located in tropical forests. About 30% of the total area is occupied by the jungles. In the forests and bamboo thickets live a variety of animals: tapirs, elephants, tigers, leopards, wild cats. Especially a lot of monkeys and various reptiles live there. Beach in Thailand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west. Thailand borders are with Cambodia to the east, Laos to the north-east, and Burma to the west and Malaysia to the south. Topography varies from high mountains (the north and west), covered with virgin forests, to luxurious beaches and picturesque islands in the south, as stated by Memmott. The highest point in Thailand is the Mountain Dawn Inthanon (2595 m). The longest river is the Chao Phraya, the mouth of which stands the capital of Thailand Bangkok. The total area of the country is 513,000 sq km.

The most optimal time to visit the country is the end of autumn and winter. Temperatures at this time are +27 degrees, water + 24. From May to October, there is the largest amount of precipitation falls. However, this does not mean daily prolonged downpours. Rainfall is usually short-lived and depends on the south-eastern monsoon. Winter is from November to February. During this period, in Thailand is set soft, not too hot weather. Average night temperature in Bangkok is +16 º C, in the south of the country it is +21 º C. In the highlands of northern nighttime temperatures can drop to 0 º C. Hot season is from March to May. This period was marked by strong heat and high humidity. The thermometer rises to 30-35 º C. As seen from the above figures, Thailand may well be regarded as a country where you can rest easy all year round.

Let’s begin acquaintance with nature. Landscapes of Thailand are fascinating, everything here has been created for the delights of eye and body: and the real jungle, and clean rivers and high mountains, and snow-white beaches. Anyone feels in Thailand as in the paradise. After all, there are all the attributes of the modern world, together with the magnificent scenery. Shops, restaurants, nightclubs, equipped beaches and opportunities for sports, as well as hotels in Thailand to suit all tastes ...and much more.

The hotel reviews in Thailand are strictly positive. Service and maintenance in hotels is wonderfully. But to learn about Thailand, you can just find out when you leave the hotel walls. Stunning surprises await you in the form of the lovely Buddhist temples and no less amazing royal palaces. You will see historical monuments and architecture of Thailand.

Resorts in Thailand have a special attraction for those who prefer the exotic. According to statistics from analysts for a large number of attractive tourists capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Here is located the Grand Palace, which you can visit, arriving in the country. Bangkok is the largest in Thailand entertainment center for both adults and children. You can go on excursions in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Marble Temple, Wat Arun and the Temple of the Golden Buddha, in the Mini Siam, in the garden of orchids and Chinese temples. Delightful travel to Thailand is in the north, city of Chiang Mai with its magnificent temples of the thirteenth century, and beautiful women. These tours will be of particular interest to those intimately familiar with Buddhism.

At any time of year will be ready to take you and the other not less interesting world famous resorts of Pattaya and Phuket in Thailand. Rayong Resort is a resort with geothermal mineral springs. And Resorts Cha Am and Hua Hin provide an ideal environment for family holidays.

Of all the countries that are suitable for recreation, my favorite holiday is in Thailand. Thailand is often called the country a thousand smiles. One day while relaxing in Thailand, you will want to come here again and again. This country is a true exotic. This place, is like specially designed for luxurious relaxation - the lush, tropical vegetation, warm sea, luxury hotels, endless beaches with white and fine sand, as described by Travellerspoint.

Thailand is the most exotic place of the East, as it has the unique beauty of nature and the rich tradition of attracting millions of tourists on vacation. When you arrive on holiday in Thailand, you instantly forget about all their problems and literally dissolve in the extraordinary landscapes, smiles, smells, sounds. The hot tropical climate of the country close to the equator, the warm waters surrounding Thailand seas virtually constant throughout the year the temperature, abundance of sunny days, many kilometers of beaches, hospitality and charm of the Thai people, the splendor of the temples - all positive factors for the choice of vacation in Thailand.

Thanks to tourism infrastructure development, affordable prices, high levels of service, hospitality and friendliness of local people vacation in Thailand, is an unusually varied and attractive. In Thailand, official language is Thai. There are also local languages and dialects. Educated Thais, including businessmen, often speak fluent English, as described by George Seddon. The staff, except for taxi drivers usually knows a little English (especially in Bangkok). Having visited Thailand, you'll see how everything intertwines here - from the last achievements of mankind to the traditional way of life, as stated in At a glance. You will meet with a fairy-tale kingdom, a meeting with the eternal summer and warm ocean. Here you can forget all the troubles.

Thailand is located in the southwestern part of the Indochina Peninsula and the northern Malay Peninsula, between India and China, bordering Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. In Thailand, the deeply rooted worship is the Buddha. Striking evidence for this - countless temples built even in the almost uninhabited parts of Thailand, as well as many of his images, and an army of monks. Dark gray, bright red, shimmering in the sun buildings of monasteries, crowned with powerful tower with a spire or dome, produce a vivid impression, and admired the strict purity and harmonious lines. Come on holiday in Thailand and you'll feel the most welcome there.

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