Environmental problem

Environmental problem
It will not be a secret that environmental problem and one of the most serious in today’s world and building as well. The Community is seriously disturbed about toxic situations that became typical last time and environmental question is raised more and more often providing higher demands to the builders. It is important to note that these situations happen all over the world and the main responsibility lies with the owners and leaders of the building industry. This report would examine the possible environmental damages caused with the building of the new development consisting of 1000 residential units, a Secondary school and village centre in Kent country near the Burham. It would also involve the building of foul water sewer pipeline and a new single carriage access road to the development will be built. This new pipeline will consist of 150mm diameter plastic pipe laid to a minimum depth of 1.5m
Detailed Investigation of the Area, Where the New Development Would Start. Outlining the Core Environmental Problems Dealing with the Project
Looking at the map, where the new development is planned it should be noted that this area could hardly be called environment friendly. Between the two villages Burham and Wouldham there are located two quarries. It won’t be a secret that the quarries already add to the environment pollution of the area: “Whilst a quarry is in use the effects on the local environment are more than just the loss of wildlife habitats and the obvious visual impact. A working quarry needs methods of transportation and this means that large amounts of machinery and heavy traffic will be brought into the area, causing an increase in local noise, pollution and erosion” (Young People's Trust for the Environment, 2010). It won’t be a secret that building the complex with secondary school, village center and new single carriage road would add to the pollution of the air in the local area. The same time the place, where the complex is planned to build is partially occupied by one of the quarries. It also creates certain problems, as before starting the building process there would be necessary to provide preventive measures because of the possible erosion of the soil. Huge preparatory work should be made before the quarry could be used for the purpose the company needs. It is really a significant problem existing in the current situation and there exist significant doubts in the fact that the expenses spend on the preparatory works would warrant themselves.
It goes without saying that this preparation of the former quarry soil for the building purpose would significantly impact the wild life in the area. The fauna and flora severely damaged by the two quarries in the area, now could be totally ruined by the start of the building. It should be noted that in the place, where the development start is planned also located several groves surrounding the quarry. It goes without saying that these trees ought to be removed if the building process will start and the flora and fauna of this place would experience another significant shock. The same time it should be noted that the South England and Kent in particular is starving for the New forest. The ecosystems of the area are significantly damaged by the changes occurred for the passed hundred years: “The New Forest, in Southern England, is the largest tract of lowland common land in Britain making it of great importance for the environment and conservation as it covers a range of habitats from boggy valley bottoms to dry heathland. Due to its long history and in spite of its name, the New Forest, has a large area of heathland as well as ancient mixed forest including oaks and other native species and more recent plantations of trees managed by the Forestry Commission. The New Forest is extremely popular for recreation from days out to camping holidays as well as with sports enthusiasts like horse riders, runners, golf and much more. Although it has been popular with visitors for many years, it was only made a National Park on 1st March 2005” (Squidoo LLC, 2010). It should be noted the whole area environment would be severely damaged by the building of the new, huge complex. The changes , which might occur could hardly be called reversible.
Another significant problem is the road, which is planned to be built. This road would lie on the territory of the other query, which also could provide significant damage to the local environment. Nowadays the area is suffocated from the pollution provided by the transport moving to quarries and out of them. But if both quarries would be closed the area could hardly win from that as the trees growing around the quarried would be ruined, the new transport road would be created and the air would be the same polluted. The possible damage to the local ecosystem could be really severe as the building of the new complex would also require the pipeline for the foul water sewer. The line, which is planned also would add to the damage of the local environment. The first and the most significant drawback would be its length. It would be passing through the cultivated fields and this would create certain problems for the farmers. The builders should also understand that the close location of the pipe to the river Medway and the two lakes may cause their pollution and changes in the ecosystem. It goes without saying that the problems dealing with this project are really huge and if the building company requires more detailed investigation of the possible problems there should be provided an expedition on the place, where the building is planned that the detailed enumeration of the possible damage could be provided. The following chapter would provide several recommendations in order to improve the current situation and minimize the damage to ecosystems of the area
It should be noted that there are several possible solution that may help to solve some problems dealing with the environment. The first possible solution is to avoid building on the place of former quarry. This involves huge expenses and severely damages the local environment. The mass building could also hardly be called really good solution. It looks better to inscribe the planned housings into the landscape by small groups. The review of different projects showed that it has already become a typical practice for the present day eco-building. The projects of Tadao Ando could be called a remarkable example. It should be noted that living close to the nature would increase the cost of the building complex and it could be developed according to the norms corresponding to the contemporary ecology standards. As it was mentioned earlier such a solution would help to decrease significantly the damage to the local environment.
Another solution would be to use environment friendly technologies for the building, design etc. This would significantly decrease possible damage, connected with the building such a complex. It should be noted that sustainable technologies are really popular in the present day world and making use of them would raise the authority of the company.
And the last one is to refuse creation of the new single carriage access road through the quarry. It is really unsafe as there is no reliable information about soil erosion and current state of thins in the quarry. The road building would also involve the huge expenses, require for making this road safe for the traffic and undoubtedly would not be a good solution.


In the end it would be essential to make a focus on the fact that this investigation is quite rough and requires detailed information from different agencies alongside with an expedition to the place of the planned building. An expedition would help to create the full picture and provide the detailed examination of the project and communications. The detailed of the project could also add to the fulfillment of this report. The requirements made according to the project are based on the brief information provided by the company and the map, they included. It could turn out that some solutions suggested in the recommendation paragraph won’t work for this area that is why the detailed investigation is required to make the full description of the situation and examine details of the project to find the most effective and efficient solutions that will suite to it. It should be noted that the ecological situation is the area is not among the best ones that is why it is recommended to connect with different ecological organizations, which are very active in this area and actively participate in cleaning and protection of the local eco-systems. It would be really good for the company to work collaboratively with such organizations in order to avoid possible conflicts in future as the project seems to be very contradictory from the first look and needs detailed elaboration and clarification.


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