Reading Response - Problem of the environmental protection

Reading Response - Problem of the environmental protection
Today, the problem of the environmental protection is one of the most important issues that affect the entire mankind because the environmental pollution leads to global changes. In this regard, human activities, including such routine activities as cooking may be a source of pollution. Therefore, the elimination of risks and threats to the environment through the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in all spheres of human life should become the priority in the development of the mankind. At this point, it is possible to refer to the article “Hearth Surgery” by B. Bilger, where the author researches the experience of use of different fuels and technologies for cooking and extrapolates these issues to the problem of the environmental protection.

In fact, insists that modern technologies, including routine technologies of cooking are unsafe for the environment. Burning solid fuels people pollute the environment. Therefore, the author suggests the development of new technologies which are safe and environmentally friendly. New technologies could replace conventional technologies that pollute environment.

While discussing the problem of pollution and methods of struggle with this problem, the author raises problems of the fuel efficiency, climate change and water pollution. These problems can be solved but it is necessary to develop new as well as existing technologies which have to be implemented en masse to bring positive outcomes.

For instance, it is possible to tackle the problem of fuel efficiency through the introduction of alternative sources of energy and change of the traditional lifestyle of people, infrastructure and transportation system. To put it more precisely, the use of public transport, bicycles, solar power and wind power being implemented en masse can increase the fuel efficiency substantially.

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