Global Warming

Global Warming
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The problem of Global Warming has become one of the most acute nowadays. The number of organizations and people are struggling for the future of our planet: "Global warming threatens California’s economy, public health and natural resources. California can’t afford to wait for someone else to solve global warming. Swift action is needed to avert the effects of global warming that California is already experiencing" (California Solutions for Global Warming, 2010).
The toxic emissions ruin the atmosphere and provide significant negative impact on the local flora, fauna and environment as whole. Nowadays many scientists and institutions are working on the fuel problem. One is aspect is that the inventories of oil soon will come to their end. But the second problem is the most burning – the fuel cause green house effect and global warming. It seems that humanity ruins the planet they are living in. It is very hard for many people to explain that just by simply changing the way we fuel our cars, we are preventing the future effects of global warming. The prognosis given by the scientific world is not really optimistic and California, this garden area could also be severely damaged by the upcoming

"Scientists predict that average global temperatures will rise by about 3 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 100 years. One of the biggest effects of rising temperatures is a shrinking Sierra snow pack. Sierra snowmelt is the largest source of California`s drinking and irrigation water. Any disruption to our water supply means more droughts and less water for our cities and for farmers to grow their crops" (California Solutions for Global Warming, 2010). California also in the center of the Global warming problems and the threats to the future economical development in the area are really significant. We might take into consideration the geographical position of the area and the nearest location of the mountains as these factors significantly impact the potential threats, which are typical for this particular area.

According to the data provided by Environmental Defense Fund in 2007 there exist a number of warning signs in California.
First of all we should take into consideration the factors we consider essential: depletion of water supplies. It won’t be a secret that millions of people in California receive drinking water from the melting ice of Sierra Nevada. The ecologists came to the conclusion that without significant improvement to the water management, the earlier melting would cause the lack of water in the region. It goes without saying that it could really turn into environmental catastrophe.
The second threat is also well known: Damage to marine ecosystems. It is a well known fact that the global warming causes the rise of the sea level. This is now a burning problem in California and it provide a severe threat to the tourism and fishing industries in the coastal area. Alongside with the winter rains that would be heavier the increasing tides and raise of the sea level would flood the coast and make the landslides more active and destructive
It should be necessary to note that California is rich agricultural area and the following threat would deal with the agriculture of the area: Undermining of agricultural economy. Every person knows that global warming means increase of the temperature. And this increase would significantly impact the crop growing and their quality. The high temperatures undoubtedly speed ripening up and the fruits will become smaller. The top wine producing area would appear in decay due to the climate changing

One more threat is also closely connected to the changes in the climate in being more hot: More wildfires likely. It would be necessary to note that the changes in the climate (in case of California climate would be more dry and hot) could became the reasons of different natural disasters. Hot weather assists to creation of so called tinderbox conditions, which are the perfect ones for the wildfires. The results of these are severe threats to the humans’ lives and property and significant worse of the air quality, which is also not very good.

And the last would be the threats to the public health. The poor air quality is typical for California and government spend nearly 5 billion a year for hospitalization and healthcare from respiratory ailments, which are caused by air pollution. Asthma already has become typical in California, with global worming the expenses would increase.

In the end it would be essential to focus on the fact that government of California and different foundations located in the area are very active. They suggest and realize a number of problems that now are effectively working against the increase of global warming. The government support anti-global warming initiatives and a number of projects are successfully working.


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