Environmental problems

Environmental problems
The main fastest-spreading disease of civilization is the poisoning of the world's land, air, and water. Although it produces fewer headlines than floods, wars, and earthquakes, but it potentially is one of s greatest dangers to human life on the planet. If people don’t pay more attention to our Mother Nature, if present trends continue for the next couple decades, our planet can become uninhabitable.

Having viewed the film Avatar and taken the Environmental studies course, I have got to know a lot of new interesting facts about our planet and Mother Nature which changed my attitude to the environmental problems.

As we see nowadays, there is big quantity of environmental problems on our planet. The main problems, which affect the world greatly, are: air pollution, water pollution, acid rains, global warming, ozone depletion, rain forest destruction, hazardous waste and overpopulation.

There are a lot of causes of environmental problems. On my opinion, the main causes include world’s population growth, unsustainable resource use, poor environmental education of people, excluding environmental costs from market prices, widening of the gap between poor and rich, natural global climate change, pollution and other.

The population of the planed grows rapidly and people need more food, more recourse. We don’t think about the planet, our Mother Nature and problems the Earth is facing…we think only about our needs and wishes. People are selfish and careless in the attitude to the nature and it is the main cause of all environmental problems.

So, every environmental problem has its causes, effects and solution. Most people know the causes, we feel the effects, but don’t do enough to implement solutions…

At the same time, people are beginning to understand that environmental problems are not somebody else's but theirs; they touch everyone. They join and support different organizations and green parties all over the world. And if governments pay attention to what is happening, probably we will be able to avoid the disaster that threatens the natural world and all of us with it.

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