Obesity in America

Obesity in America
Obesity is one of the major challenges to the national health in the US. In actuality, about a half of the US population suffers from overweight, whereas, in the future, the situation is likely to grow worse. In such a situation, it is very important to understand causes of obesity, its effects and ways of prevention of this serious health problem. In this respect, it is possible to dwell upon the article “Too Much of a Good Thing” by G. Christer and

The article “Too Much of a Good Thing” by G. Christer focuses on the problem of obesity in the US. The author of the article refers to the past experience of the western society, when overeating was stigmatized as a sin and the author insists that today overeating should be re-stigmatized because overeating leads to obesity, which has a number of negative effects on human health. The article discusses the current situation in the US concerning obesity and problem of overeating. The author place emphasis on the fact that many Americans suffer from overeating which they combine with a sedative lifestyle, low physical activities and negative impact of their environment that lead to obesity and related health problems, such as cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, and others. Eventually, the author insists that Americans should start changing their lifestyle and food culture and parents should teach their children how to eat and live right to prevent the development of obesity.

In order to understand negative effects of obesity, it is possible to refer to the article “Diabetes, Obesity, and Hypertension May Enhance Associations between Air Pollution and Markers of Systematic Inflammation” by S.D. Dubovsky, which reveals the correlation between obesity and other diseases as well as the impact of environmental factors on the development of obesity. To put it more precisely, the author insists that the pollution of environment increases the risk of the development of obesity. At the same time, the development of obesity leads to the emergence of various diseases which may have be closely related to and derive from obesity. In this respect, it is worth mentioning diabetes, hypertension, various cardio-vascular diseases and others. In such a way, the author reveals the full extent to which obesity is dangerous to human health.

Thus, both articles reveal the fact that obesity is extremely dangerous to human health. Articles help to understand the importance of prevention as well as causes and effects of obesity. In fact, it is obvious that the prevention of obesity is crucial for the national health of the US because obesity is a risk factor that contributes consistently to the development of various diseases and health problems which may have lethal outcomes for patients. therefore, people have to change their lifestyle and food culture to prevent the development of obesity. Instead, they should focus on the healthy lifestyle and food.

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