Pop music in 20th century

Pop music in 20th century
In the article “Ours and Theirs: Redefining Japanese Pop Music” the author reviews the history of Japanese-American cultural interaction after the World War II. The Japan lost in that war and that fact provoked the interest to the culture of the winner country, the USA. Within a few decades Japanese culture absorbed the culture of the USA and adopted it. However, the recent economic events in the world showed the economic superpower of Japan, especially against the USA with its “War on Terror” and economic slowdown. This fact could hardly leave the culture of the country untouched. It appeared that Japanese culture created its own values. Despite the interest to the Western culture young Japanese became “secure in asserting their values and traditions (O'Donnell, 1998)”. Besides, the Japanese culture widely spread all over the world. People of the world added their contribution to this culture and returned it back to Japan. McGray cites a sociology professor Toshiya Ueno: "I can't always distinguish elements of traditional Japanese culture from Japanese culture invented for tourists."

Returning to music it is worth to mention that the electronic music instruments made in Japan had a significant influence on pop-music development in Japan - as well as in the world. The Japanese music, according to McGray, is more respectful to all American that American culture. However, it stays original due to combination of Western rhythmical patterns and oriental melodics. The Japanese pop-music took it niche in the culture of more and more globalized civilization.
Outside the article summary it can be concluded that the trends described in the article was adopted only by the pop-music but by the art-music too. The division onto art and pop music in the Japanese culture is as vogue as in Western culture. As a rule, symphonic music is considered the art. However, the Western tradition of recording popular hits with the symphonic orchestra was adopted in Japan. On the other hand, popular melodies from the “Gold classic” are often played by the pop-groups. At a distance from these two groups is ethnic Japanese music. It its traditional form it obviously stays the art music. However, ethic music doesn’t exist in isolation, and the elements of traditional Japanese music as well as the sounds of traditional music instruments can be heard in the modern Japanese hits. Thus, the fastening globalization of the culture has its obvious impact on the pop- and art-music in the contemporary Japan.

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