Interpersonal Relationships Paper

Interpersonal Relationships Paper
It won’t be a secret that definition meaning of intimacy is strongly dependent from the type of relationship and could vary from one to another. But if we evaluate abstract and average in general; relationship the meaning of intimacy has rather stronger connection to the share moments than to so called “sexual interactions”. It should be noted that the concepts of interdependence, attachment, and belonging have full realization within the intimacy. Therefore, intimacy has significant correlation with the meaning of interpersonal relationships; as stated above interpersonal relationships can generally be defined by characteristics such as behavioral interdependence, emotional attachment, and belonging.

Interdependence can be observed in close relationships. Over time, people who are attracted to each other may become interdependent, which means that the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of one person affect the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of others. Put another way, two people are interdependent to the degree that the events in one person’s life affect both of them simultaneously. Interdependence occurs in large measure as the thoughts and values of one person become part of the self-concept of another. Interdependence is one of the defining characteristic of intimate relationships

When people are asked to name the key ingredients of an intimate relationship, the most common responses are affection and emotional attachment (Bernstein, Stewart, Roy, Srull, & Wickens, 1994). Therefore, emotional attachment is also significant element of interpersonal relationships, – trust and transparency demonstrate it connection to the intimacy. So called rituals of connection are distinctive features of relationships. People, who share different moments, feel themselves emotionally attached to one another; this sharing of moments demonstrates their trust and belief in their partner.

Belonging is probably one of the most contradictory concepts within intimacy. A human is not considered property therefore cannot belong to someone else physically. But spiritually belonging is essential feeling for every one of us, as we feel lonely and depressed. The intimate relations are built up on the necessity of belonging.

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