Gender Inequities in Criminal Justice System

Gender Inequities in Criminal Justice System
A number of investigators consider that the gender equality question has a strong impact on the every sphere of our life: economic, political, and social. It should be noted that there still could be observed the strong inequity in every of these spheres. Traditionally the key positions are taken by the men. There exists a prejudice that women could not become a successful leader or politician. Still the personal experience and cases of Indra Nooyi, Brenda Barnes (current and former CEO’s of PepsiCo) and Hillary Clinton (politician) reveal that women are sometimes even more successful leaders than men. But personally I consider that it is too early to speak about equality between men and women. It has already become a tradition that even in well developed countries the wages of me and women obtaining the same position in the company differ approximately from 10 to 20%.

It should be noted that criminal justice system is also subjected to the described tendencies. Women are traditionally committing fewer crimes than men. But in the recent years the situation has changed. Speaking about present day state of things it would be obvious to make a stress on the positive and negative influence the “struggle for equality” provided on the criminal science and criminal statistics. The raise of the offending among the youth and poor statistical data, even men are still dominating, it seems that women seek for the equality even in providing equal number of different crimes. That is why the investigators should concentrate their attention on the separate investigation of the criminal activity, seeking the factors that provide the core influence within the criminal activity and finding the methods of reducing.

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