Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies
Nowadays almost every person can use the computer. This skill has become compulsory and a path leading to the future job. Some jobs do not require anything except computer and internet connection. People make either work, or a hobby out of computer. And of course we all like to spend some time in internet, watching the films, searching for some information, using social media and watching photos from around the world. Today computer technologies are also very useful in investigations, as nowadays internet and cell phone can tell us where the person is. Dependence on computer is huge and the future cannot be imagined without it. Computers become smaller and more efficient, and also much cheaper. It is important to clearly understand advantages and disadvantages of computers and technologies available nowadays. Those people who know the limits and who can find the balance along with equilibrium in life, they can enjoy their choice. The greatest thing is that we are able to choose and to depict the most effective and necessary inventions and innovations in technology for our own purposes.

The disadvantages to law enforcement with respect to the advancements of computers are that there are not enough funds to spend them properly on the newest technologies to provide the safety and almost a guarantee that the criminals will be caught. With the advent of various technological advancements, law enforcement efforts in the investigation and prosecution of crime have been met with positive results. However, with every advantage comes a disadvantage, as criminals have also benefited from these technologies and use the more modern and updated technologies during the commission of their crimes or as a tool for their crimes. So the problem is that the law enforcement should take this fact into consideration and do everything possible to guarantee the safety of the citizens. The power of protection and the resources for it should be demonstrated to the community and to the criminals – for them to know that the police and law enforcement are not weak.

Unfortunately, sometimes criminals use the computer as an aid in the commission of a crime. They use internet, hack websites and take money of other people from bank accounts. There have been many cases when criminals got access to the database and committed crimes easily. But almost all of them were punished. This is sad, as such creation as internet can serve as a help in many cases, as urgent news, plenty of services and a place to store all the necessary information, including books, photos, videos and music.

In some cases criminals did not take into account which technologies use the police, and finally they were caught. In these cases computers connected to internet with the help of some hackers working for police in such urgent cases helped to catch criminals. GPS helped a lot, and the calls made by criminals were easily tracked. It would be great if many technologies newly invented were kept in secret for police and law enforcement to help t protect people. Such information should be kept secret to not give any chances to criminals. There are many new technologies are being sold on the market, as it is very profitable and exclusive. Those who have the newest information about new achievements in the sphere of technology are forward and they have much more advantages. In community technology should be used for the better, as there are plenty of spheres where it is needed. And for some structures and government there should be used the most advanced technologies to cope with criminals and different catastrophes. That is why there should be approved some programs how to get innovative technologies to the most necessary departments to provide strong protection in the country. Investors and partners should take active part in it too.

To summarize, it can be emphasized that the fact that technologies are being developed every day, has both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it is even scary that it is possible to find so much information in the internet about people you know. There are plenty of web cameras in the streets, GPS, different programs and advances technologies that are not even available for an average computer user. If all of them were directed to the solving the crime problems, it would be great. But as a fact, there are not enough funds to use technologies as the law enforcement needs, for example. Often there is supervised a misuse of the internet and that is a real problem, as internet nowadays is a clue to salaries, banks, secret information, personal data and many other points.


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