Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist
“Oliver Twist” is the novel written by Charles Dickens, which mirrors the life of English society in the 19th century. the book reveals the shocking truth about the life of the English underworld and representatives of the upper-class of the society. The author reveals fundamental vices of the 19th century English society through sufferings and adventures of the main character, the little boy, Oliver Twist. In such a way, the life of the main character becomes the tool with the help of which Charles Dickens reveals horrors and social problems of the 19th century England.

In fact, the book focuses on the main character, Oliver Twist, who starts his conscious life in the workhouse, where he is treated as a mere commodity, as a sort of beast, tamed by Mr. Bumble, a parish beadle. Through such characters as Mr. Bumble, Charles Dickens reveals the hypocrisy of English society in the 19th century.

Oliver Twist has to pass through numerous hardships and gets acquainted with the life of criminals of London. He is involved in the life of the criminal world of London. In such a way, the author shows the dark side of the life of English society, which was traditionally depicted as conservative, moralistic and virtuous. The book shows that, in actuality, English society was immoral, unequal and vicious. The poor had to work hard to survive. Their desperate position forces them to become criminals. In such a context, the main character has a miraculous fate and he is saved from the poverty and crime by the end of the book.
Thus, Charles Dickens raises the theme of social problems affecting the life of English society.

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