Mathematics homework and achievement: a Literature Review

Mathematics homework and achievement: a Literature Review

In contemporary world the connection between the teacher, the student and the parents of the student is becoming more and more important. Our era is the era of globalization and sometimes it is very hard to come to the importance of understanding between the three mentioned categories especially in the secondary education. This report would represent the literature review dealing with the question of effect of homework on the achievement of 6th graders in mathematics using frequency, type and amount of homework assigned. I believe this problem is significant because there is a divide between teachers and parents on the topic of homework. It is important to be able to explain to parents why you do or do not assign regular homework. The question is strongly dealing to the psychological aspects and several psychological works would be present in the following literature review

Detailed Explanation of the Subject. The Role of Mathematics in Contemporary Individual’s Life
From the very beginning it would be essential to focus on the importance of the mathematics for the contemporary humanity. Scientists devote a lot of attention to the question of mathematics studies due to its core importance for the contemporary individual: “Mathematics is of central importance to modern society. It provides the vital underpinning of the knowledge economy. It is essential in the physical sciences, technology, business, financial services and many areas of ICT. It is also of growing importance in biology, medicine and many of the social sciences. Mathematics forms the basis of most scientific and industrial research and development. Increasingly, many complex systems and structures in the modern world can only be understood using mathematics and much of the design and control of high-technology systems depends on mathematical inputs and outputs” (Smith, 2004). It should be noted that mathematics assists the development of the different skills of children that is why the well awareness of the parents about the homework and its completion is very important to get the achievement. The investigators, especially those who deal with the practical side, defined the skills, which are developed at students by the mathematics studies:

- “Students are able to formulate, critically analyze, and solve a variety of problems.
- Students are able to use various forms of communication to accurately receive, process, and deliver information” (Londonderry School District, 2007).

Another important fact is discussed by the researches is that teachers and parents are those who significantly impact on the development of the student. That is why it is so important that their actions should be correlated: “Teachers learn about students by using a variety of methods. They assess students by observing them in the classroom, evaluating their day-to-day classwork, grading their homework assignments, meeting with their parents, keeping close records of how they change or grow throughout the year, and administering tests. Tests give teachers only part of the picture of your child's strengths and weaknesses. Teachers combine the results of many methods to gain well-rounded insights into the skills, abilities, and knowledge of your child” (Bagin, 1989). So it would be important to note that sometimes teachers know even more than parents about their children success, achievements and abilities. Collaborative participation of parents and teachers in the child’s like would help to develop a healthy successful individual. The question is really significant as the skills developed by the mathematics are really important in the present day would. It should be noted that these skills could be called primary and the investigators focus on the fact that investigation of the effects provided by the mathematics studies, including homework completion, are very important as they have very important impact on the formation of the future career of the individual: “The many branches of mathematics have their own distinct applications in the various careers. The skills acquired from its study such as analyzing patterns, logical thinking, problem solving and the ability to see and relate different concepts help in the preparation for ones chosen career and enable the individual to compete for interesting and high-paying jobs against people around the globe. Even if you do not aspire to take up math-oriented job, you have the edge to compete against other job applicants if you have a strong mathematical background, as industries are constantly evolving together with fast-paced technology”(Teye, 2010). During the literature observation, it was observed that every investigator focused on the importance of the mathematics in the development of the child. It should be noted that every scientist focused on the core role of mathematics in the contemporary world and its studying having significant impact on the humanity, developing primary skills: “Mathematics provides a powerful universal language and intellectual toolkit for abstraction, generalisation and synthesis. It is the language of science and technology. It enables us to probe the natural universe and to develop new technologies that have helped us control and master our environment, and change societal expectations and standards of living. Mathematical skills are highly valued and sought after. Mathematical training disciplines the mind, develops logical and critical reasoning and develops analytical and problem-solving skills to a high degree.” (Smith, 2004).

Among the skills, developed with the help of mathematics could be called decision making, for example. Decision making is traditionally considered of the primary skills in contemporary world. Another very important skill is analyzing. Every investigator dealing with the question of mathematics importance focused on the fact that analytical skills we are starting to use from early ages and mathematics assist them a lot.


In the end it would be important to make a stress on the fact that works used for the completion of this report have a lot of in common. Discussing the different aspects they focus on the importance on mathematics in the formation of the career opportunities for the individual and his psychological portrait as whole. Without mathematics studies it would be very hard to develop healthy nation. It is very important of every stage and well awareness of the parents would assist this development.


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