What are the causes of obesity in the U.S?

What are the causes of obesity in the U.S?
In the article “Study Suggests 10 New Obesity Causes” David B. Allison, PhD, who is the director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham clinical nutrition research center, is sure that obesity isn't all about eating and inactivity. The research group puts forth 10 "additional explanations" for obesity, such as: sleep debt, pollution, air conditioning, decreased smoking, medicine, population age and ethnicity, older moms, ancestors` environment, obesity linked to fertility and unions of obese spouses.

At the same time, the author of the article “Causes of obesity” pays reader’s attention that the more effective way to lose weight is not to eat less, but to consume fewer calories. It is also written that one slice of hamburger or cake may have more calories than a full home-cooked entrée. By the way, it is mentioned that obesity is a complicated health problem and the causes of it are environment, culture, socioeconomic status, genes, behavior and metabolism.
The article “The Main Causes of Obesity in America Include Poor Diet and Limited Exercise” also proves the idea that the main cause of obesity in the U.S. is the imbalance in the number of calories consumed, and the number of calories burned off with the help of activity. The author mentions that medical professionals recommend every person to do not less than 30 minutes of vigorous exercise every day. The main thing is to be persistent in the wish to lose weight.

The website overcome-obesity-today.com in the article “Understanding the Main Causes of Obesity in America” supports the idea that the main cause of obesity is that people consume more calories than they expand. The author points out that the high availability of fat foods is one of the causes also. We all know that fast food can be found on every corner nearly in every city around the US. The other causes are hypothyroidism, genetics, eating disorders, some psychological disorders, culture and video games.

Athrapy, in his article “Causes and Effects of Obesity” says that obesity progression in the USA has been on the rise since the 1900s, with 13% of the US obese population in 1962 to 31% in 2000, with 63% of adult Americans with BMI that are considered to be overweight. The author clarifies that more than 300.000 of people die from obesity per year.

As it is seen from the articles reviewed above, the obesity problem is one of the main problems of American society. It has a lot of causes and lead to many diseases.

The article “Obesity in the United States” written by Michael Russell tells about the danger of obesity. Obesity has greatly risen in the past 20 years. Nowadays more than 60 million adults and 9 million children are obese.

Among the causes of obesity, the author mentions an energy imbalance which happens because of consuming too many calories and not exercising enough. So, environmental, behavioral and genetic reasons are the main causes of people being overweight recently in the U.S.

The article reminds that being overweight is dangerous for the health, because it increases the risk of many diseases, such as diabetes, hear disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, different respiratory problems and some cancers even.

The article gives some statistics data. The situation with obesity in the U.S. seems to become worse. In 1991, only four states had obesity rates of 15 to 19% and there were no states with obesity rates more than 20%. In 2004, the situation had incredibly changed. Seven states had obesity rates of 15 to 19%, 33 states had obesity rates of 20 to 24% and 9 states had obesity rates more than 25%.

Michael Russell writes about the ways how doctors decide if a patient is obese or not. The most popular and widespread way is to use BMI (body mass index). Using BMI, doctor measures a patient’s height and weight and calculates the patient’s mass.

The author pays reader’s attention on the fact that nowadays people are eating more, taking bigger portions and eating more snacks than they did 20 years ago. Most of the snacks are unhealthy, but people buy them and get calories which are not burnt off later. The concern of the author is about the physical activities, which Americans don’t do any more.

One of the key idea of the article is that everyone can prevent becoming obese if he is already obese is physical activities. People just need to do activities that use energy, in order to burn calories.

The conclusion which is done by the author is that obesity is a big problem and concern for Americans and that every person needs to try to “eat healthier and to do physical activities” (Russell).

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