Healthcare Technologies project

Healthcare Technologies project
PROVISION Healthcare Technologies project
Speaking about invitation to the overview meeting with the project stakeholders, it would be essential to invite three main interested groups, which would be able to come to agreement and evaluate the efficiency of the Provision Healthcare Technologies project suggested. There are three main categories, who are to be present on the meeting and add to the decision

The stakeholders of the project
They are very important category as they would approve or disapprove the decision upon the project. The stakeholders are the interested [part and they should be well aware about the developmental features of the project. The two other groups are invited to bring the stakeholders into the update situation and the necessity of this project. Alongside with the general description they would be introduced the stages and the costs distribution
Sponsors of the project
The most interested side of the project, who provide financial support of the project execution. Their interest in the project is mainly dealing with finances, but the same time they are interested in the whole organizational process of the project. Their financial participation cause their presence at the meeting.
A representative of technology implementation group
The technical detail and peculiarities of the project would be presented by the representative of the technical group. The invited specialists would be able to ask the questions, which could be raised by the stakeholders and present the technical side f the project. It goes without saying that some stakeholders might be interested in the technical peculiarities of the project. That is why the necessity of this specialist would be among the key ones in the meeting. This specialist also could masterfully prevent the material , which will explain the participants of the meeting the core value of this project and what actually it would give to the interested sides
A representative of physicians’ group
The representative of this group is also very important as they are among the interested side. The representative from the physician’s side would explain the necessity of this projects and expectation of their team from this project fulfillment. Also they would add to the discussion of the costs and time presented by the following group participating in the meeting
A representative of the project’s managerial group
The representative of managerial team would give all the necessary data according the project dealing with the project dates, stages and expenses needed. They would raise the discussion and give the necessary explanations to the representatives of the other groups and stakeholders. The financial details of the project are very important and it won’t be surprising that this question would be raised on this meeting, giving an overview of the project itself.
The potential problems that could be raised on this meeting are dealing with the costs distribution discussion and fulfillment date (the stages as well). The representatives of different sides should be ready to give exemplary explanations to the stakeholders according these questions. It goes without saying that these questions are very important for the projects that is why all sides should be well prepared the details of the project should be counted and re-counted as overview meeting would be the next stage of this project development.

The project charter for discussion with the group.
Identification: PROVISION Healthcare Technologies project
Project Background: the technological development of the healthcare industry made possible realization of such a project
Purpose / Business Need: the project would implement the newest technologies in the healthcare industry and would give a significant assistance in saving humans’ lives
Project Scope: As it was mentioned earlier the project is fulfilled in the healthcare industry implementing technical side of the physicians’ needs to make their work more effective.
Project Objectives: the intended purpose of the project is to realize technical implementation of the newest technologies in the healthcare industry. This would help to save the lives of hundreds people and make the healthcare establishments’ performance more effective
Sponsorship & Ownership: project sponsors (Name) _______________,
Stakeholder s______________________,
eventual project owners ______________________________
References: The list of references that could provide any additional information on the project
1 _____________________
2 _____________________
3 _____________________

Project Deliverables and Quality: The project will start at (date)_________________ and is planned to be fulfilled at (date)______________________
Organization and Responsibilities: The following list would represent persons responsible for managerial __________________ (Name), Legal _____________________ (Name), Technical _________________ (Name), Controlling _____________________ (Name) and Financial ____________________ (Name) sides of the project. If the stakeholders or sponsors would have any questions dealing with the projects they could directly turn to the representatives of the active implementation groups.

Organization and Responsibilities: This paragraph would describe responsibilities and organizational development f the project. There are three initiative groups technical, managerial and controlling. Each of them is responsible for appropriate part of the project fulfillment. Technical group is responsible for technical side and implantation of the project. Managerial group is responsible for the organizational and financial sides of the project and controlling group provide regular reports to the sponsors and stakeholders and keep an eye on the organizational, financial and technical realization process as whole.

Process Stages: the following would represent the stages of the process and the dates of their fulfillment
Stage 1 ____________________ , Due Date ______________
Stage 2 ____________________ , Due Date ______________
Stage 3 ____________________ , Due Date ______________
Stage 4 ____________________ , Due Date ______________

Risk Management: This paragraph would represent the risks, which could occur during the fulfillment of the project. The risks may be of different origin and this paragraph would legally regulate responsibilities and obligations dealing with the risk ongoing with the project. Understanding the role of the risk management this section would be provided separately for approve by the all sides of the agreement
It should be noted that this a draft for the project charter, prepared for the meeting overview. It would be raised for discussion and re-developed by the representative of the legal institutions and only after that provided for the approve to all the interested parties.

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