Brian Epstein Vs Malcolm McLaren

Brian Epstein Vs Malcolm McLaren
Brian Samuel Epstein (19 September 1934, Liverpool, UK - 27 August 1967, London, UK) - Manager of the Beatles from 1962 to 1967. Under the business leadership of Brian Epstein the Beatles achieved fame, first in the UK and then worldwide.

After high school, Epstein began working in a furniture store, owned by the family, and achieved considerable success. But success was short-lived. December 9 Brian was drafted into the army. If he did not like school, then the army simply hated. Returning home, Epstein went to work in the shop of his father. Persuaded by friends, Brian decided to join the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. By doing without too much difficulty, Brian studied three semesters before leaving is the bohemian place. He did not like the atmosphere that prevailed in the academy. Wanting to become famous, Brian persuaded his father to open a store of records, and shortly thereafter the second. Thanks to the enthusiasm of Brian both shops flourished. Epstein was obsessed with the idea that his store could find any record, and very proud of his collection, in which it was possible to find the scarce records.

November 9, 1961 Brian Epstein first heard The Beatles play during lunch at the club "Cavern". Brian has little resemblance to the role of manager «The Beatles». He had no experience in the music business. Besides, he was not at all like the guys from the group. Becoming a manager of «The Beatles», Brian began studying the most important immediate task - creating a scenic image, teach them discipline, working on their appearance, taught to submit their music. Largely due to Epstein world had a chance to see "the legendary Fab Four."

After the decision «The Beatles» to stop, Epstein summed up the whole chapter in his life. Company of Brian has become a huge organization that has worked with many famous musicians of his time. In the last two years of life due to persistent difficulties in the work of Brian appeared dependence on sleeping pills. He suffered from insomnia, constant irritability. August 27, 1967 Brian Epstein died. The majority of the townsfolk, his death was an accident, he just took an overdose of sleeping pills: it is unlikely that Brian has decided to commit suicide at a time when his mother had just lost her husband.

Malcolm McLaren (January 22, 1946 - April 8, 2010) - British musician and record producer. Most famous as the manager of the group Sex Pistols, which became a landmark event in the history of punk rock. In 1971, McLaren, along with designer Vivienne Westwood, with whom he met at that time, opened a boutique Let It Rock, later renamed SEX, and later in Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die. Boutique-oriented subculture teddy-boys, who then experienced a revival, were popular. In 1974, McLaren made a trip to New York, where he met with the glam-punk band New York Dolls. For a short time McLaren became their manager. The provocative image, which imposed McLaren Group (including the Soviet symbols) contrasted with the already established image of the group and has not brought success. Later he decided to change the orientation of the boutique. Let It Rock was renamed SEX, and basic goods store has attributes BDSM and fetish-fashion items, including those created by Westwood.

Approximately in 1974, McLaren was the manager of the group, which later became known as the Sex Pistols. The creators of Steve Jones and Paul Cook were regulars at the store McLaren. Then, the group added bassist Glen Matlock. Still later, McLaren drew the attention of another visitor, John Lydon, who wore a T-shirt "I hate Pink Floyd». He became a singer.

The first single, Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK came out on EMI in November 1976. 1 December occurred the famous incident when Steve Jones Live called bad words on a leading TV channel, which interviewed the group. EMI dropped, and the group became known throughout the country. In May 1977 they released their second single, God Save the Queen. McLaren rented a boat on the Thames, where Sex Pistols perform live on stage. The action ended with a new scandal and the arrest of McLaren.

After the collapse of Sex Pistols McClaren became manager of Adam and the Ants. Almost immediately he quarreled with the group leader Adam Antom and together with a new soloist Annabel Lewin and musicians Adam and the Ants created a new wave group Bow Wow Wow. It was with famous original interspersed rhythmic African motifs in electronic rock music and a scandal that led to the emergence of a nude dancer of fourteen on the cover of the album See Jungle! .... McClaren's first solo album, Duck Rock, was released in 1983.

Duck Rock dominated the elements of hip-hop album and has played a significant role in the spread of hip-hop in the UK. Singles «Buffalo Gals» and «Double Dutch» hit the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. The following year he recorded a single, Madame Butterfly, based on the opera. Further work McLaren was characterized by an eclectic mix of styles. Periodically singles reached the British and European charts. The song «About Her», based on the song rock band The Zombies «She's Not There», was included on the soundtrack to Kill Bill-2. McLaren died in a Swiss hospital on April 8, 2010.

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