FAST Lanes draw drug trade

FAST Lanes draw drug trade

The objective of this essay is to provide summary, analysis and critics for the article “FAST Lanes draw drug trade” by Christopher Sherman publushed November 27, 2009 on the web-site

FAST Lanes draw drug trade

The problem of Mexican board is one of the everlasting problems for the security services of the USA. On the one hand, the U.S.A. has the ground borders with Canada and Mexico only and the transportation through the border with Mexico carries a significant part of the imported goods. On the other hand, among the legal shipments trucks from Mexico ship the contraband goods into the USA. One of the most dangerous types of contraband is the drug smuggling.

The US authorities faced with dilemma: to fasten the passage across American borders it was reasonable to propose the program of Free and Secure Trade. The trucks involved in this program pas the border without looking the cargo.

On the other hand, Mexican drug smugglers do their best to drag their cargo through the border under this program. Sure, there are strict standards of security intended to prevent the illegal cargoes, however, the drug smugglers develop many tricks to get round safety measures.

Generally, more strict security measures forced the drug smugglers to consolidation. It is known that there are many clans in Mexico involved in the drug production and trade, and earlier they had no need for consolidation, even more: the competition between clans led to infamous drug war in Mexico. The new standards of security, introduced after the terror attacks on World Trade Center in 2001 and implemented in 2004, made foreign drug barons change the method of contraband. Earlier they tried to find the way to avoid the inspection on the border. Now they try to penetrate the large companies involved in FAST Lane program. The corruption is one of the main problems in Mexico. Many Mexican trucking companies suffer from pressure by drug gangs, especially those who involved in the FAST program already. The managers of these companies often face the dilemma: to take the bribe from drug clans and let them carry their cargo in the trucks of the company, or die. It isn’t the overstatement:

“Mexican authorities suspect a man who owned a participating trucking company in Aguascalientes, Mexico, was killed by drug gangs in July 2008.”(Sherman, 2009)

As the result, the amount of drugs in every cargo significantly grew. The most often imported in the USA drug is marijuana, and every involved truck can carry up to the 3-4 tons of this drug. According the article, 9 from 10 trucks owned the companies involved in FAST program pass the board without the customs examination. It allows the suggestion that the significant part of illegal marijuana enters the USA in these trucks. Besides, these trucks can carry other illegal products, for example, the guns.


The new standards of security and the program of Free and Secure Trade led to the consolidation of drug gangs, the tension growth in the Mexican trucking service industry and didn’t reach the objective to prevent the drug smuggling.


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