Problems with the train in the community

Problems with the train in the community
Nowadays there are plenty of problems connected with travelling by train. These problems include the facts that sometimes trains break down, and people have no explanation from the conductor. Other problems are connected with the speed of the trains- some of them are too slow. They take much longer to reach destination than other kinds of transport. Also there are problems within the train itself, when people have to stay with strangers in the same room in the train during the trip. Often, it is difficult to get train ticket during a busy time of the day, even if to buy it in advance. To reach the train station to buy a ticket and to start a trip requires other kinds of transport to get there. You have to take either a taxi, a bus or your car. It is also difficult to move with the luggage at the train station and it’s usually uncomfortable. Although there are many other kinds of transport, plenty of people choose train, despite of the problems it causes. Probably because of the problems with the train in the community people pay less for using the current transport.


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