Extraterrestrial intelligent life

Extraterrestrial intelligent life

The existence of Extraterrestrial life is the dream of humanity from the ancient time. The more people learn about the Universe, the more they believe they are not alone. Unfortunately, the humankind didn’t still obtained the conclusive proof of Extraterrestrial life existence, thus all that we have nowadays are the mathematical theories and probabilities. The objective of this essay is to outline the modern view on the possibility of Extraterrestrial intelligent life. Besides, it is interesting to imagine the influence of the existence of Extraterrestrial intelligent life on the life, religion and politics in the 21st century.
The possibility of Extraterrestrial intelligent life

Nowadays more and more scientists seek the arguments against the extraterrestrial life existence. The latest discoveries concerned of our Universe in general and Solar system in particular prove that the life could appear in many places. Thus, in the atmosphere of Mercury the scientists discovered the great number of water, which is known as the origin of earth life. The meteorite from Mars contains the inclusion that could be the ancient Mars fossils. Some stars in our Galaxy have the planet systems. The climate on some of extra solar planets is probably like the earth climate. Many planets have large amounts of water, oxygen and carbon – three main elements needed for the life on the Earth. So, the study of the Universe leads the humanity to the concept of inevitability of Extraterrestrial life existence.

It is interesting to analyze the possible impact of proved Extraterrestrial life existence on the modern life, religion and politics. Even before the first contact the important spheres of human activity would significantly change. The main world religions would be forced to review the doctrine concerning the life appearance. For example, the book of Genesis would be totally re-read, and perhaps the Eden garden would be considered as the existence of ancient people on the other planet. The politics would also change significantly. Different countries from the ancient times used the image of the enemy to unite the citizens against the enemy. Perhaps the appearance of Extraterrestrial intelligent life could join the people all over the Earth against future extraterrestrial expansion. Even now many scientists warn that aliens probably would use the Earth due to its natural sources. The first contact, according these scientists, would like the arrival of Columbus to America, and the humanity would play the role of Native American Indians. From the other hand aliens could provide the unique and valuable sources for the people of the Earth (something like the extra-expensive mineral unobtanium in the latest Hollywood hit “Avatar”). New materials and technologies could force the development of the science and technique on the Earth. At last, the contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life will obviously change the Earth culture. Probably, the women fashion will use popular extraterrestrial motives for new collections “spring-summer”.


Though there is no evidence of Extraterrestrial intelligent life existence, the humanity is almost sure in it. As far as it existence will be proved, the life on the Earth will change. All the spheres of human activities – culture, politic, economics – would be under the influence on this fact.


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