Marriage and Family during last half of the Century

Marriage and Family during last half of the Century
During the past fifty years there have taken place many changes in different spheres of life. Technological progress, social reforms, the language, people’s goals and the perception of the world as a result are different nowadays. Most people agree that particularly marriage and family underwent major change during the last half of the twentieth century; however, few people link these changes that have taken place to larger societal changes that have taken place.

As a fact, there have taken place major social changes in people’s lives that influenced the perception of marriage and family. Unfortunately, today the world is living with the help of money and for the money. People became more interested in their work, career, promotion and new opportunities. Shopping is the other “trend” that dominates the world. Sometimes consumers do not have limits. The world now has other values than there were fifty years ago.

Such major changes have consequences in the family life. People are in a hurry all the time, they are not relaxed and they devote much time to the internet. Staying online often dominates staying “offline”, as there are many opportunities to use internet at work and at home. Social networks have become the real problem for some people, as they found out that the online communication is much easier, cheaper and more comfortable. Many young people do not know the family values and consider marriage as a trap. Modern youth misunderstands the conception and the true devotion of people, who can live in love and care, instead of living alone and being online the majority of time.

Also, there are more and more divorces these days all over the world. People start concentrating of something new and unexplored, they do not want to work on relationships and they think they will easily find someone else when they get divorced, especially if they are rich. Unfortunately, these days for many people marriage is a deal, for other – a wise thing to do in the sake of the career, and only for some people marriage is something bigger and more important that will brighten their life and make them happier. Nowadays words happiness and love are considered as some philosophical things, which can be said by some desperate romantics or by naïve people… It is sad to understand that the world is becoming more materialistic, more narrowly – oriented on work and money, and people seek safety and love in their jobs and malls.

Nowadays the focus of life goes as: a person must finish school, then university, and then he should find a proper job, then to buy a house, a car, etc. And as a rule, it is never enough. It is always less than you wanted. That is why people set wrong goals, achieve them and then it becomes too late for the marriage and kids. Obviously there are examples of people who got married, have kinds, have a great career and who are successful in all the spheres of life. As it is known, success means not only financial stability and constant career promotion, but the ability of a person to enjoy his life, his family, his money and other important things that help to live in pleasure.

My family has also been affected by some of the changes that happened in the society. Every member of our family has his own computer, and we all spend some time online either working or entertaining ourselves. We talk less about what happened, how we spent the weekends, what our plans are, as we also communicate via internet with other people, send e-mails and spend some time in social networks. We now find more interesting and new things in the internet, and not in communication with each other. In the past, almost each family had more traditions, special gatherings on vacations or holidays, walks around the city and in the parks and there was more care for each other. And, as the changes in society have occurred, today people are concentrated in their welfare more that on the marriage and family.

Some even are afraid of marriage, as it is something unexplored and new for them. People consider it as a trap, without career perspectives, without rest and without the luxuries in life. Only few people see in marriage care, support, happiness, realization and love. Family values are almost not discussed and they are not taught, as the world gone online, shopping and into the newest gadgets. And unfortunately these things for many people substitute marriage and family.
Some of us are afraid on not having freedom when we get married, we are afraid to make lifetime decisions and create positive relationships. Being afraid and insecure makes us feel unprotected and unconfident in life. And then we start looking for the alternative ways –work, internet, habits. But as a fact, everything depends on two people. If they want to take challenges in life together, if they are not afraid of someone’s opinion, of “current trends” as a civil marriage, then they can decide what is more important for themselves and how they want to build their life. I think that in the current world there should be devoted more time to the personal life, as people spend plenty of time on their work, caring about computers and gadgets, and they feel the lack of care and love. But they do not admit it. They are ashamed to admit it. It is sad, but it is also true that people are closed in themselves and spend much time alone. That is why the only salvation is the online communication.

Much depends on the parents of people who are afraid or do not want to get married. Children are raised in different ways, with different values and different rules. Some consider family and career as important parts of their lives, and other for example think that work is their life. It depends on vision of the future, on possibilities, on friends, on parents and on the circumstances. There are different theories and approaches considering the marriage and family relations. But as we all know, the most important thing is to know your primary goals, intentions and the path in life with people who love you and who you love.

A half of the century ago the life in a family was a daring adventure, where the most important things were love, care and a good health. These principles have not changes; it’s just the values that were imposed to people which eclipse the real sense of the life in family. In my opinion, people should devote their time and efforts to things they need and appreciate, and not to the things that destroy them, to the wrong choices and wrong values. It is obvious that it is very pleasant to see the happy family together, when each family member cares about the other, when they have friendly atmosphere and when people live really happy live with a great support of the family. Of course, we always like say that the times have changed, that everything is different now, that at first we have to find a secure job, find the way in life, to purchase a home and only then to think about marriage and creating a family. The question is – why do we think that it has become unreal to achieve all this in the loving and caring environment, with the balance and harmony in our life? Of course, it all begins with a choice…

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