Causes for Teen Pregnancies

Causes for Teen Pregnancies
Teenage pregnancy is a condition of pregnancy of an underage teenage girl (usually aged thirteen-nineteen years). The notion of respect to pregnant women who are not adults in the medical and legal sense differ in the world. The causes for teen pregnancies in the modern world are the in-take of drugs, the lack of sexual education, taking alcohol, sexual abuse and the lack of parents’ attention, as stated in The Psychological Effects of Teenage Women During Pregnancy. Early pregnancy depends on factors, both social and personal, on people the teenagers communicate with and on the attention they get from their parents.
One of the most important reasons is the absence of or defects in sex education. The right education and communication with a teenager can prevent the early pregnancy, the sexual abuse and a teenager will be aware of the danger of drugs and alcohol. Then, it is more likely that he will not turn up in dangerous situation. As part of a larger category of "education of the individual" sex education is one of the types of the content. In some societies, early marriage and traditional gender roles are important factors determining the frequency of recorded teenage pregnancies, as described in It isn't babies that blight young lives. For example, in a number of sub-Saharan Africa the emergence of early pregnancy is often seen as a blessing, confirming the fertility of young women. In the Indian subcontinent, the frequency of early marriages and pregnancies are more common in traditional rural communities than in urban areas. In societies where adolescent marriage is not common, possible factors of teenage pregnancy are the young age at first intercourse and lack of contraception, lack of parent’s attention and support and the wrong behavior of adolescents, who take drugs and alcohol, which is a huge problem.

In developed countries the majority of teenage pregnancies are unplanned and, as a consequence, 70% of cases ended in abortion, and late-term abortions, 15% - miscarriage and only 15% are in labor. Why now, in the information age, there is still a problem of early pregnancy? The main reason is the absence or lack of sex education for adolescents, as stated in Kids Having Kids. One of the most disturbing society statistics in the modern world is the increase in the number of teenage pregnancies, which have different causes, and some of them are frightening. More and more girls become pregnant in the years of study in high school, when they are still very young and inexperienced. Moral principles are put aside. This trend depends on a number of reasons.

Some people believe that teenage pregnancy is a consequence of lack of sexual education. Perhaps this is because girls do not know how to protect them from pregnancy. And another more serious reason is taking drugs and alcohol, as under its influence a person does not control himself. Support of parents and friends is fundamental and helps to maintain necessary relationships in a life of a teenager. Talking about problems of the teenagers is normal, as people who care and support a teenager will always help him to find a better solution and give the right advice.

To sum it up, the problem of teenage pregnancy is something that affects society as a whole. Sexual abuse, taking alcohol and drugs are the problems that lead to the teen pregnancies. All of them are also the problems of adults, as adolescents try to live and “adult” life and commit mistakes.

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