It will be very hard to imagine today’s world without business and organizational communication. Business is the basis of commercial relations. Contemporary business will be impossible without organizational communication, especially when it goes about conflict and negotiations. Organizational communication as a science was started in the middle of the 20th century and is closely connected to business communication. The contemporary inventors and investigators suggest new, revolutionary suggestions to hold on negotiation process. The article I am going to analyze is dealing with such inventory. Online integrative negotiation tools for the Dutch Council for Legal Aid by Jelle van Veen discusses integrative negotiation tools, which are developed due the contemporary realities of IT industry development. It won’t be a secret that every contemporary industry is severely impacted by the quick developing IT technologies and it is not surprising that this also touched integrative negotiation process. This article is telling the reader about such an integrative negotiation tool named the Rechtwijzer: “The Rechtwijzer “conflict resolution guide” is the online application of the Dutch Council for Legal Aid. The aim of the application is to help people with a dispute to find a conflict resolution professional that can help, but also to get users to think about their conflict and learn more about their situation. The advice that the application offers is based on integrative negotiation, and should help users to obtain an integrative outcome where possible” (van Veen, 2007, p. 23). The article discusses the application itself, giving the precise description to it functionality and values. It provides critical evaluation of the Rechtwijzer and its model of dispute resolution, involving integrative negotiation. The article includes visual images that make the reader easier to understand the core value of the application and its contribution into development of the negotiation process. The article is very informative and the same time easy in understanding. It has close structure and includes introductory part, the body of the article, which includes several paragraphs and conclusion. The author perfectly deals with the subject explaining the purpose, usability and values of this online application. It should be noted that the author provides critical evaluation of this inventory, understanding that contemporary IT market always introduce something new in such type of solutions.

I think that this program is really useful, especially when it goes about teaching integrative negotiation. Hence I think that implementation of this program during the process of negotiation would be really problematic. I think that this program could help in implementation of integrative negotiation in practice and offer an advice during the static situation. When the negotiation process is held face-to face it seems to me that this application could hardly make use.
The same I think that introducing of this application is really huge progress on contemporary IT and it could be really helpful for in teaching integrative negotiation. And undoubtedly this online application would give reasonable good advice reproducing Alternative Dispute Resolution. I think that nowadays such inventions are really helpful. Not everywhere, but still helpful.


van Veen J. (2007). Online integrative negotiation tools for the Dutch Council for Legal Aid. Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT).Tilburg University

2. is the web page of really existing company, which orients on negotiation: consulting, serving training. The name of the company is The Negotiation Experts. The office of this company is located in Thatcham Berks and their web page thoroughly describes their activity in the field of negotiation. The web page is designed accurately. Representing the each service the company provides on the separate web page. Every web page in detail describes the sphere of their activity and what service they can provide for their clients. The design of the web page demonstrates the accuracy of the company and flag of the European Union their openness to the potential clients from the EU. Their professionalism is supported by the list of partners whom their either train, or consult. Among them it would be possible to find well known companies and enterprises. The informational field is represented in the Training page. There are described the programs the company offer, alongside with the brief descriptions and technologies used for. It would be also possible to find a pdf brochure which describes the course the ideas and touches some negotiation problems and required skills (and ways of their development). It goes without saying that this web page is very useful for those who seek for cooperation and training. It provides good recommendations of the company, reflects its professionalism and give recommendations from the key international specialists. It goes without saying that this web site is well planned for the visitor and it gives all the necessary information to those who are interested in service of this company.

My personal vision about this web site is dealing with its purpose. It has perfect informational content. Telling about negations, the functions the company could provide and the training it is holding. It goes without saying that additional information telling in detail about negotiation process would make this web site less attractive. Brief descriptions exact information provides everything that is necessary except 1 thing. This is the news of the company. The news could really add to the informational value of this web site. It would inform about the newest inventions within the negotiation field, informing about the recent achievements and new solutions. This page could also tell about the new tactics the company use and how successful were they. With the development of such technology as web 2.0 the news page could be replaced by company blog, which would give more interesting information about negotiation. It goes without saying that this would add a lot to the company’s informational value and self promotion the same time. Sharing the methods you use would be really helpful and attractive for those who would like to participate in the training programs held by the company and this would undoubtedly add to the training program popularity. I that is web page is really good. Hence it lacks some more dynamic and activity, which would raise the interest to negotiation process and the company itself.


The Negotiation Experts.

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