Basketball championship

Basketball championship
Thanks to James Naismith, a teacher of physical education at Springfield international training school in the U.S., who invented basketball, nowadays millions of people can enjoy this sport and its championships. FIBA World Championship in 1950 was the world's first basketball championship for men. It has passed in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from October 22 to November 3, 1950. FIBA World Championship is an international basketball championship held since 1950 every 4 years under the auspices of FIBA. It is the most prestigious championship for men's national teams for the sport. Since 1953, there is held a similar championship for women. The decision to hold the world championships in basketball for men was taken at the Congress of FIBA in 1948, Olympics in London. Only after 2 years, a country was selected - Argentina, and there were gathered 10 teams from each country where the host country won the first place.
Nowadays, basketball is very popular kind of sport. The average height of the winners of the World Championship – Argentina’s national team - 184 cm. The thirteen rules of the basketball game were also invented by James Naismith, although his rules differ from the modern. The basketball ball must be spherical and have an installed orange color with a traditional pattern of eight spots and black seams. Mass of the ball (officially adopted by the size 7) is 567-650 g, circumference - 750-780 mm. The largest manufacturers of basketball ball are Spalding, Wilson, Molten, Rawlings and Nike. In Europe the international club competitions are Euroleague ULEB, the European Cup ULEB and the Challenge Cup. The biggest development of the basketball is achieved in the U.S., which was a host to one of the strongest basketball team - championship of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Many of the participants of the first World Championship eventually became basketball functionaries:

Borislav Stankovic (Yugoslavia) - Secretary General of FIBA;
Raimundo Saporta (manager of the Spanish national team) - a member of the FIBA European Division, and one of the driving forces in the creation of the European club competitions; Abdul Azim El Ashry (Judge, Egypt) - Secretary General of FIBA Africa and Member of the Central Division of the federation;
Anselmo López (Spain coach) - in 1968, will create a commission on mini-basketball and become its first president;
Robert Busnel (France coach) - a member of the technical committee, the president of FIBA (from 1984 to 1990);
Nebojsa Popovic (Yugoslavia) - Secretary General of the Yugoslav Olympic Committee; Eduardo Ayraldi Rivarola (Judge, Peru) - member of the Central Division and the Secretary General of FIBA.

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